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I was tortured by Cong leaders: Valanka


Valanka Alemao, who was yesterday suspended as the chief of Goa Youth Congress, on Saturday alleged that she was "tortured and harassed" by the party officials who wanted her to resign.

State Congress chief John Fernandes refuted the allegations, saying that he had not met her or spoken with her after the Lok Sabha campaign began, so there was no question of harassment. 

Alemao, accused of deliberately staying away from campaigning during the Lok Sabha polls, today claimed that local office-bearers of Congress were pressuring her to quit her post, but she refused. 

"I was harassed and tortured by local party officials. I was abused with derogatory words by GPCC chief John Fernandes, legislator Aleixo Lourenco Reginaldo and spokesperson Pratima Coutinho," Alemao alleged. 

Fernandes claimed that she only wanted to get people's sympathy. "I have never met her or phoned her since Lok Sabha campaign began. So the question of abusing or torturing her does not arise. That must be her imagination," he told. 

Valanka Alemao, daughter of former Goa minister Churchill Alemao, is facing a probe by state Congress for alleged anti-party activities, and also by the party's central committee which is studying the reasons for poll debacle. 


"I was called by the A K Antony committee to depose over allegations of anti-party activities. I explained to them that I was allowed by Goa desk incharge Digvijay Singh to campaign for the party in Delhi, Maharashtra or Karnataka. I was campaigning in Delhi. The committee members were sympathetic to my view. I am shocked to see the suspension letter," Alemao said, talking to reporters today. 

"I am the only woman president of Youth Congress in the country and I am being treated like this, which proves that the Congress is not serious about women empowerment," she added. 

When contacted, Koutinho said Alemao never came to Congress House in the recent past, so there was no question of Koutinho or anybody else abusing her. Reginaldo also refuted the allegations. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Goa Congress Should Merge With Goa TMC. Nobody Is Going To Vote Congress. Better Merge With TMC. Congress Should Windup From Goa. TMC Is A Good Party For Congress Supporters & Voters.

Jose Rod , Goa

Oh Dear!!.

Some over-spoilt & over pampered babies don't seem to grow up . They keep throwing tantrums and their toys around, and jumping out of their comfortable prams/buggies even in adulthood.

This big cry Baby from Varca, seems to think that she was a Messiah or Prophet, sent in specially by God to deliver Goans from the scourges & struggles of life.

There is a well used quote or phrase; "what goes around comes around".

Has this poor little cry-baby Valanka Alemao de Varca forgotten all the harassment she and her father have meted or dished out to Poor Goans and PWD Contractors.

Has she forgotten all the harassment she gave to local folk just to get water / electricity /Gas /N.O.C`s connections for them and their families.

How she forgotten how she harassed Builders to offer her Flats/shops in their complexes for getting all the necessary Licences.

Has she forgotten how she took financial, material and monetary advantage( & benefits) of some poor and disadvantaged Goans to get them either employed in the PWD or other Government depts. or to even send them aboard Ships or abroad so the could better their lives or eke out decent living conditions?

Has she forgotten how she has harassed these poor Goans to take loans to pay for her "influential" services.

Has Valanka forgotten how she harassed other aspirants & contenders for the Post of GYPCC?

Has she along with her notorious father, Churchill de Varca forgotten how the Block Congress aspirants were harassed and badgered into submission to ensure only she could get the Congress Goa Legislature Ticket.

Sorry cry-Baby Valanka, having drawn the blood, sweat & tears of Poor Goans in the belief you were offering them " Holy Perpetual succour" , don't expect any sympathy for the predicament you are currently in.

I have seen real Practising Goan Advocates... Those that sweat it out and do battle in Courts day in and day out defending their clients.

I have also seen those (non -practising)that just get the Title "Advocate" to pretend to be a person of high intellectual esteem to take advantages.

I am sure Goans will decide which category cry baby Valanka belongs to.

Pound for pound my admiration and appreciation goes to Congress worker Pratima Coutinho. Pratima works for her positions and does not get it delivered to her on "Silver spoon".... neither does she demand it as her "Birth-Right".

It is time Goans & the Congress Party "gets rid of the chaff from the wheat/rice !!

N.Fernandes , London



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