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"Mopa is for MLAs' real estate benefit, not local farmers"


Pedne villagers around the plateau of proposed Mopa international airport have alleged a real estate racket in the airport issue. While local legislators have bought all the land around the proposed airport area, the villages around it would dry up, they claim.

The farmers in this area have now threatened to take to streets if the government goes ahead with the proposed airport. "Our petitions made to Goa chief minister Digambar Kamat and North Goa MP Shripad Naik have fallen on deaf ears", the claim.

According to the Mopa Vimantall Piditt Xetkari Samiti, there are hundreds of houses on the plateau, which existed since last 250 years.

"The state government is not realising now what kind of grave mistake they are doing. Disturbance of Mopa plateau will crumble the entire ecosystem of Pedne," Sandip Kambli, secretary of the Samiti told reporters.

Pedne residents are indirectly dependent on this plateau for water, soil and fodder. Besides, the farmers are losing more than 100 lakh square meters of land from Varkhand, Cansarvarnem, Chandel, Ugvem, Amerem, and Poraskadem villages, he said.

This is the first time few Pedne villagers are opposing the Mopa airport. Otherwise, the whole taluka was united in support of the airport when PWD minister Churchill Alemao had started a movement to retain the airport at Dabolim.

As a via media, the state government has finally persuaded the central authorities to retain both the airports, in order to clear the way for Mopa airport.

However, according to Samiti, the local MLAs want the Mopa airport not to provide employment to the locals but for their own real estate interest.

"They have bought all the land around the proposed project. They will gain out of it, not us", he said.

The area has around 40 lakh cashew trees besides several beatlenut, jackfruit, mango and coconut trees.

Goa government has already started land acquisition for the green field airport at Mopa in North Goa.

"The importance of conserving and protecting the plateau cannot be overlooked in the context of water security," Kambli said.

He also pointed out that the gigantic aquifer through numerous visible and underground springs meets the drinking water and irrigation meets the needs of a large section of the population of the taluka. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Now the issue of Mopa airport hotting up again. The goans raise their voice on many ocassions but our elected leaders are so proud because they are the ones who fill their wallets with corrupt money.Why is the government so keen having second airport. We have Dabolin airport is a world class airport with lot's of more land to expansion for additional run way in order to land more international flights as well as more chartarded and also it land any type of aircraft whether it's 747 or 380 airbus doesn't matter it can be landed easily without any hesitation .the bigger issue in goa is corrupted Ministers and MLA's .and the government is pushing Goa politicians are double standard, Goan people have to decide what is good for em . We need Dabolin and not Mopa those who really think about Goa's future think about it we have a natural beauty of beautiful beaches throughout the coastline of south Goa which the world comes to see ,that's why its very important to keep our Dabolim International Airport as it forever.and closed the Mopa topic once for all. by the way congress also approved Konkan railway and now its become mess in all over Goa with a disgusting incoming domestic tourist all over India this happening because of Congress Government .

country approved congress. Who said congress government is clean, they are the first and worst corrupt government in India..

Bruno leave to keep good faith in Goan peoples.

Bruno ferns , USA

It is we, the people who are to blame for whatever is happenng, and for believing in the lies put before us by our "patriot politicians". It has become a way of life for politics becoming dynastic and make the governance their personal fiefdom. In other countries there is something called a conflict of interests, national security. Here people are ready to sell their grandmothers for money. The so called elected representatives are not hand-picked by the local people but put forward nby political parties. If women are given quotas, it is their husbands who do all the dirty work behind the scenes. If politicians show interest in any cause it is because there is a "potli" for him or her at the end.

But local affected people on an issue are slow to realise, the truth almost at the fag end, when nothing will work. It is well known as to why Mopa airport was supported by strong lobby, because huge tracts of land were invested in. The people have to be united where u ity is strength. Rest of the people will follow. Leaders like to call themselves "men of the masses", when indeed they are all for themselves. In our case it is each one for himself and God for all. The modus operandi is to isolate the groups making noise and tacke the rest easily.

People need to gather with one common goal , to end corruption by weeding out the evil, the rot surrounding us, as one.

Ludovico , Old-Goa

thanks menino for your moral support we require every goans support to stop this injustice done to peoples in pernem. they are giving very low prices for our lands.

sujay s. gawas , chandel pernem goa

Now that the people of Pernem have come to know what really happens when they lose their lands and have at last woken up, it is the turn of every Goan to support them in this cause. But at no cost should the support of the politician, who is presently a minister in the cabinet and who earlier fought against the Mopa airport and then betrayed the cause after getting his so called dues, be taken. It has been seen how the vested interests ended in the Mopa Cause betrayal. Dear people of Pernem, act now or it may be too late later. Don’t let go off your lands. – Menino de Valpoi

Menino G.P.T. Fernandes(Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom


florence mendonca,

I fully endorse your statement, especially, current government in Goa is not doing any business but only battling for survival. This type of non–working government is just like non-playing captain and does not have any right to carry on. In fact the Governor should act and dismiss the Govt. It is probably the need of the hour. Please do not get surprised if the local people of Goa come on the street one day and entire Goa comes to standstill, against the so called democratically elected government of Goa and Centre. Both will be responsible. Govt. of the day fails to understand agony of the people on all the issues, right from Garbage problem to Mining and from Food price inflation to security of common people and tourist. It seems that Govt. of the day (both state and central) are insensitive and also some way clueless what is happening around.

Purushottam sawant , Pernem Goa

Present politicians in Goa don't care for Goans. All they want is money. Take an exemple what is happing in Dovorlim in South. They acquire land from ORIGINAL INHABITANTS by force againts the wish of the natives. Wake up Goans and support our brothers and sisters, who are the oppressed sons of soil

florence mendonca , abudhabhi

The Government always takes over the land of the farmers at throw-away rates for one or other purpose. The compensation given is totally inadequate and over and above this some times it demands back a portion of the compensation already given and forces the poor farmers to go to the Hon Courts right from the Sessions Court to High Court for no reason, as has happened in many cases concerning land acquisition for the Konkan Railway Project. The cases are pending in the Hon. Courts for decades and in most of the cases the aggrieved party passes away!

Even an uneducated common man will have no hesitation in telling that a public facility like Airport has to be located in a central place like the existing Dabolim where it is easily accessible from all parts of Goa and not in a place like Pernem ! I pity the people from South Goa, who will have to travel a long distance to reach their homes and the time taken will be prohibitive!

If the maintenance of the Dabolim Airport is neglected by throttling the funds, automatically it will become inoperative within a few years and the corrupt politicians will reap the fruits by way of skyrocketed prices of their land! If our Nation has to survive and do any progress, it is high time a legislation has to be enacted to award capital punishment for the corrupt!

Vishwas Prabhudesai , Loliem




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