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Sudin is a political joker, has no guts to quit alliance: Mauvin


Blasting the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party in retaliation, Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho has called its leader Sudin Dhawalikar a political joker.

“He is like a joker in the game of cards. He fits anywhere where there is power. He has no principles of any kind”, said Mauvin.

The Congress rebel bounced back as Dhawalikar had yesterday said that neither MGP would give Dabolim seat to the BJP nor will they admit Mauvin in the MGP.

“We have Premanand Nasnodkar as our candidate and our stake on Dabolim would continue in the BJP-MGP alliance”, Dhawalikar had announced.

Mauvin, who defeated MGP in 2012 election in Dabolim on Congress ticket, however today claimed that Dabolim has become the safest seat for the BJP with his plan to join the saffron brigade.

“Top leaders of the BJP have assured me the Dabolim seat and I am confident I would get it”, he said, dismissing Dhawalikar’s claim.

He also exposed the MGP supremo, alleging that Dhawalikar has been using the BJP to achieve his ambition to become the chief minister of Goa.

“He has no guts to leave the alliance because he knows very well that the MGP can’t even win one seat without alliance”, he claimed while singing glories of the BJP.


The four-time MLA however admitted that the BJP is going to face anti-incumbency in the 2017 election.

“Any ruling party faces it. It was duty of Dhawalikar’s MGP to strengthen the alliance in such a situation. Instead, he is weakening it”, he felt.

To substantiate his allegation, the 57-year old politician criticised the MGP’s stand in support of withdrawing government grants to the Church-run English medium schools when the BJP has taken the most secular decision to take all the people along.

“At one time the BJP was called communal. But by getting 6 MLAs of minority community elected and its decision on Medium of Instruction issue, it has proved that they are the most secular”, opined the Congress rebel.  

Dhawalikar had also criticised Mauvin as the most unprincipled politician who keeps on changing the parties.

“I have never left the Congress and joined another party. I have only revolted twice by forming a rebel group. This is the first time I will be leaving the party and joining another”, said the ‘loyal soldier’ of Congress.

Contrary to this, Mauvin feels that Dhawalikar is unprincipled because he joined hands with the Congress in 2007 and then with the BJP in 2012, only to get seat of power.

“The BJP honoured the alliance and gave two ministerial berths to the three-member MGP in spite of having absolute majority of 21. And now he is working against the alliance”, he said.

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