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Declare Income-Exp A/c of AAP rally, demands Wagh


Deputy speaker Vishnu Wagh has challenged the Aam Aadmi Party to publicly declare the source of funds collected for the huge Panaji rally held yesterday and provide details of expenditure.

While congratulating the AAP for gathering a massive crowd for the rally, the Bharatiya Janata Party MLA has sought to know the income and expenditure account of the rally to maintain transparency in public life.

Stating that AAP always boasts of morality in public life, the St Andre MLA has posed six questions to AAP:

1. What was the cost of hiring Campal Ground and erecting stage and pandal along with stage, sound system and light at the venue?

2. What was the total number of banners and posters printed for this meeting, where were they printed and at what cost?


3. What was the total number of posters and banners put up in each constituency?

4. What was the total cost of displaying these banners across the state and how much money was deposited in each village Panchayat or Municipal council?

5. How many vehicles were hired by the party to get a crowd for the meeting and what was the sum paid as hire charges?

6. How many full time workers were deployed by the party and what was the expense done on them? 

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There is absolutely nothing wrong in asking the question but WHO asks the question is the moot point.

Wagh and his ilk from the BJP blamed Congress for corruption and now these Saints have amassed wealth using and abusing power in their hands. This proves that they were not different from Congress but only had no opportunity to follow the path of corruption and nepotism . They dislodged Congress and showed their true colors.

AAP as well as BJP benefited from Anna's movement . BJP even propped up Ramdev who had to run away in a disguise of a woman.

The intent of questioning Waghoba was not to promote AAP but to remind him : Apne girebaan mein jhaank ke dekho.

Besharmi ki bhi ek had hoti hai.

Rajan Kamat , Feira Baixo, Mapusa

Is there anything wrong in asking questions? even if the person may be resting or in a state of motion. Why it is your 'Dokyaala TAAP'?

Why are the AAP and their supporters so afraid of Vishnu's or anyone's questions? AAP in Delhi and other places are reaping the cream of Anna Hazare's hard work. All we head about AAP in Goa was Valmiki taking on some shopkeeper on MG road for illegal car parking. BJP, Congress all are bad, but AAP is no saint and as for Goa they only exist on paper.

D A Kamat , Panajim

Waghoba was supposed to be resting and recuperating in some unknown secret place. However, his man Friday Moghli seems to have set Waghoba's tail on fire by joining AAP.

Now with arrival of AAP, Waghoba will have to pay for his PAAP and shout BAAP RE BAAP.

Rajan Kamat , Feira Baixo, Mapusa

Vishnu is turning out to be a joker in bjp. If he introspects and analyses his entire political journey from mgp to congress to shivsena to congress to bjp, it is very clear that he is in politics to become rich. He should declare his assets immediately.

Vishnu is just another corrupt politician who even tried to usurp the position of brahmanand swami in padmanabh sampraday and hence no one trusts him.

Everyone knows as how he pockets money as a chairman of Kala Academy, Several artists openly speak about it.

This Wagh is a paper tiger who will not get a ticket of bjp in the forthcoming elections as Siddharth Kunkoliencar wil have to be accommodated in St Andre after Parrilkar returns to Panaji.

So he is making all the noise to keep himself alive politically.

Rupesh Jhalmi , kone priol

Wagh please take rest forever as you will not win again.dont give more tension to your body.How much crores have you made in this term?.

Also are you trying to gain their attention .AAP wont take you as they know u are a jumping frog(bebo).one party to another.You are free to vote for them.

santosh , goa

Have this kind of expenses where shared by BJP? Then Vishnu Wagh can challenged the Aam Aadmi Party.

Salvador , Mumbai

Does a rally signify income and expenditure??? It surely signifies a fundamental change in political power when the population rises up in revolt against the current authorities.Mr. Wagh should understand this first.

martha rebello , navelim

Hello Wagh, several meetings and rallies of BJP have been held in Goa in the past. Have you ever posed those questions to your party ? I would first request you to get an answers from your party for those questions & make it public and then ask AAP. Also answer who is funding the several weekend trips of UP Rajya Sabha MP Parrikar to Goa.

Goa for Goans , Goa

Mr Vishnu Wagh what were the expenses for Parrikar swearing ceremony in 2012 . Bjp prove yourself as a party against corruption. we know you all. dont point fingers at orthers. Already 4 fingers are pointing at you. List one big acheivement of atleast nailing criminals.

you all are the same. Get well soon and take rest all the best.

Antonio oliveira salazar Costa , USA



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