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Church condemns Govt notices issued to DefExpo opponents


The state government is now bent upon crushing even the peaceful protest of villagers against Defence Expo, by accusing the elected representatives of planning to disturb peace and get a good behaviour bonds signed from them.

Quepem Deputy Collector Shankar Gaonkar has sent show cause notices to ZPs Khushali Velip and Shanu Velip, Betul panch Delsy Barbosa, Orixtt Porjecho Avaz president Precy Fernandes and secretary Freddy Agnelo Fernandes and member Charles D’Silva.

Church-headed Council for Social Justice and Peace has strongly condemned the government act as an attempt to terrorise and restrain peaceful citizens by use of undemocratic and unjust methods.

When Congress MLA Alex Reginald Lourenco raised the issue in the Assembly today, Deputy Chief Minister Francisco D’Souza justified the action by asking what is wrong if a show cause notice is sent.

He also informed the House that notice has been sent to only one Charles D’Silva, when actually it includes even the leaders of the local self-governments.

The notices state that the group of local leaders have provoked the people of villages from Khola, Khanguinim, Nuvem, Naqueri, Betul, Ambelim, Velim and up to Assolna that DefExpo should not take place at any cost.

It also quotes intelligence report that these leaders are designing to commit serious cognisable offence, disturb peace and tranquillity of the locality and create serious law and order situation.

The sub-divisional magistrate has thus summoned them for an inquiry, asking why they should not sign a bond of Rs 20,000 and surety to keep peace for six months as a preventive action.

Reacting to this, Charles D’Silva asked to show one single incident till date where the villagers have resorted to any violent action.

“Even now we have announced a hunger strike in a peaceful manner. Isn’t it our democratic right”, he asks.

According to him, the state authorities should send this notice to all the villagers who were present at the Gram Sabha to oppose the DefExpo, which the authorities are going ahead without taking villagers into confidence.  

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Classic case of "Khorpotam eke kodden anik khorpita boltech kodden" The Church in Goa has been a classic case of misguiding its followers. Why isn't the "Social wing" of the church in Goa (if at all there is one) not saying anything on the Fr. Bismark case. Ever heard of the following " Varem marta te vatten suup dhorta" ?

I am a catholic and feel very let down by the church and when it comes to social issues affecting the society, which should be addressed by the Catholic Church as per their doctrines and teachings of the Vatican II. There are numerous issues plaguing Goa and Goan society, to which the Church can surely- and i mean surely- do something, but chooses to ignore, instead want to meddle in the issue of Defense Expo. Take up the issue of Tiracol and the issue of Fr. Bismark vehemently and you will prove that we are actually doing what Christ wanted us -HIS CHURCH- to do.

Jaret de Silva , Chandor Goa

I call upon all the Goan to join the party which is people party, will do what people of that area want to do. Come on Goans Join today in hundreds. Let show what common man power can do? Would you!

Salvador , Mumbai

This church body should now either enter electoral process openly or stop meddling in civilian matters. These semi religious cum political cum social bodies has failed to take any lessons from past of happenings in past two three decades. Their active meddling and pressure tactics outside the constitutional framework has militarised some hindu groups. These organisations are then branded as communal by self proclaimmed elements. Reaction is frowned upon while instigation is applauded. I am now convinced Goan Hindu Mutts, temple committees, ghadis, purohits etc should come forward under some fancy name to counter any demand of obstructionists. Let Pramod Mutalik and Acharya Dharmendra provide the desired militancy. Then see and enjoy at the hollowness and hypocracy of our secular, progressive, rationalists, atheists.

Madhav Bastodker , Ponda