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Mauzo to chair solidarity meet of nationwide writers at Dandi on 30 Jan


Damodar Mauzo, eminent Indian Konkani writer from Goa, will chair a national level meet of writers and artists at Dandi Event scheduled on 30 January at Dandi.

Indian writers have given a call to gather at Dandi, where Mahatma Gandhi had demonstrated Salt Satyagraha during the British regime.

Around 500 eminent writers, artists and social activists will gather at the historic place at Dandi in Gujarat, on the occasion of Martyrs’ Day, the day India’s Mahatma was killed by Hindu fanatics.

Gujarati writer Ganesh Devi, who initiated the idea against the increasing intolerance in the country, has already declared that the daylong gathering would be observed as ‘Solidarity for Better India’.

The gathering, which would be held from 9 am to 5 pm, expects eminent personalities in the field of literature, culture and social movements from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi, Goa and other parts of India.

Mauzo would chair the important session – the Sarva Bhasha Parishad, to be held at around 10 am.

The Goa delegation of around 14 people includes, besides Mauzo, Mahabaleshwar Sail, Datta Damodar Naik, Prabhakar Timble, Dilip Borkar, Shaila Mauzo, Shalini Sail, Sushanta Naik, Kamini Kini, Prashant Naik, Anwesha Singbal, Hrishikesh Kadam and Pratitha Desai and Pintu.

Eminent writer and scholar Devi had started mobilising people for this occasion by holding ‘Dakshinayan’ in November.

As a part of Dakshinayan, writers from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Goa had visited towns of Pune, Kolhapur and Dharwad, including families of Dr Narendra Dabholkar, Com Govind Pansare and Prof M M Kalburgi.

All the three rationalist and veteran writers were shot dead by some fanatics in their home towns while police have still not been able to trace all the assailants.

The only breakthrough is arrest of Sameer Gaikwad, a Sanatan Sanstha activist, who has been chargesheeted by Maharashtra police in Pansare murder case.

The writers have decided to observe the Hutatma Din in this background as Mahatma Gandhi was also killed in a similar manner by religious fanatics. 

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Mauzo doesn't know the difference between Konkani and Portuguese. On the youtube video on his talk at BITS he is saying these two languages are complimentary! What a joke, if this is his level of language comprehension I wonder what is the quality, length and breadth of his writings. He was known to only our Konkani mogis, now he will get some publicity as pointed out by someone here.

A. Fondekar-Sambari , Margao

Jus goes to show the 'intellectual level' of the 'intolerant' writers. Mauzo will get some fame.

George , Goa

All this so called writers are leftist activists who see harm only when certain section of population is attacked. Otherwise when there is genocide in Kashmir or riots in different states ruled by non bjp govt they pretend to look other side. Anyway in democracy no one can stop them from such a gathering and should not. This is just to matter straight that it doesn't encompass entire spectrum of writers.

Parag Hede , Panaji,Goa.

Congratulations to Damodar Mauzo. feel proud that a fello goan writer has been selected to be the chairperson of a nationwide forum. Interestingly, the article mentions that the idea was mooted to say something about the growing intolerance in the country, however, surprisingly, the Goan delegation found it difficult to find a Christian or muslim writer from Goa. Do we or don't we have atleast a few in Goa who are eminent writers?

The idea is not to communalize the issue, however, it is jus to bring to attention, that the vibe of intolerance is seen every where albeit subtly.

Mauzobaab if you can find atleast one "Carmelin" to accompany your delegation would be good.

All the best and am still a fond reader of your Konkanni writings.

Jaret de Silva , Chandor Goa