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Yes, I’m a Portuguese national, nothing shameful about it: Remo


New look of Remo before leaving for Portugal

Pop singer Remo Fernandes has said he is no more an Indian national, but a Portuguese, with an OCI card.

“There is nothing shameful or embarrassing about opting for another nationality”, says Remo.

The Goa-based pop singer also plans to celebrate Christmas this year in Portugal, along with his two sons and family members.

“Looking forward to my first Christmas in my new country!”, says Remo in the Facebook post he has put along with the photograph of his son Noah, arrived in Portugal from Amsterdam.

Remo’s nationality suddenly became news when Goa police sent a second summons to him, referring it to Indian embassy in Portugal, stating that he is now a Portuguese national.

While the senior police officials wanted to inquire into more details about it, got in touch with Remo in Portugal through social media.

“Yes, I have taken Portuguese nationality after duly surrendering my Indian nationality, but I have an OCI Card, which makes me an Overseas Citizen of India. This is something I have never hidden, so the claim that this is 'discovered' by the Police is a pathetic misleader”, said Remo.

Why did he choose to give up his Indian nationality, asked the pop singer, who had also joined the Aam Aadmi Party during 2014 Lok Sabha election of India.

 “It’s a matter of personal choice, that’s all”, he said.

In reply to another question, Remo said: “Both my sons have had their mother's nationality, i.e. French, from birth. Both are also Overseas Citizens of India.”

When did he surrender his Indian nationality?

“I don't remember the exact date or year. But everything was done above board, legally, officially”, says Remo.

He however said he obtained the OCI card on 7 July after paying late fees and fine at the Indian embassy in Lisbon. 

Jonah, his second son, appeared before Agacaim police today in relation to the case of a car accident he was involved in on 1 December.

Jonah knocked down a minor girl at Guirim while she was on a walking pilgrimage to Old Goa feast and the offence in this regard was registered on 15 December based on a complaint filed by the victim girl’s sister.

Adv Aires Rodrigues filed another case against Remo, alleging that the pop singer verbally abused the minor girl in the GMC hospital, where the girl is still undergoing treatment after two surgeries due to multiple fractures.

Adv Rodrigues had also claimed that Remo is a Portuguese national.

“At the rate Rodrigues is 'exposing' things about me daily, I'm scared he might expose the fact that I've dyed my hair red, after summoning my hair dressers from Siolim” commented Remo, adding that “this thing is turning into a ridiculously comical farce by now, and I'd like to treat it as such.” is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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This is really hilarious . Ideal for someone who hasn't had a good laugh for a long long time

Ms Patricia Dsouza , India mngalore

Let us not forget that Remo has done a lot to highlight a number of issues which would have gone unattended but for Remo bringing it to light. In the 70's his songs re. Graham Bell, the roads in Goa etc did have a huge effect. Ask the foreign tourist today whether they will return to Goa and the answer is a definite "NO" ...Why?

All of us have our faults and not being in the public eye we can successfully hide them. So please let us think of what we do before we condemn someone else.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Yvonne Pereira , London

Dear Arun Baba Naik,

Look I think you are spaced out of you are relating to govt secretary - the only secrets are on murder by govt. influentials, rape, land deals. Today Goa has reached such an ego edge that many a case is generally surfacing in many a family for what - gain. If the injured party was level I am sure a discussion would avoided so many emotions and words. One of the freaking question that comes to mind is "what is the damn govt doing to improve road safety. No where in the world you can jay walk and ride a scooter/ bike like you own the road.

Look around with your heart not with.......

Joe Vaz , UAE

I dont understand wats wit his nationality let him have african passport or australian.If he was involved in some accident investigation will be done and there is a peocedure for dat.why jump to conclusions.

Filipe , Abhdhabi

"Remo, his family or any other person being Portuguese nationals is not an issue at all"

Arun Baba Naik, it may not be an issue, but remember foreign national living on OCI do not enjoy same privileges as the citizens of India. Police might know better if Remo has indeed violated the law. As for other BJP issues that you have raised, they should be dealt with accordingly.

Remo has always considered himself privileged and above law, look at the history of his past abuses, e.g. one at the Dabolim airport, etc.


arnold , pune, great points you guys make.

Luordes , Goa

remo should surrender to the law along with his son and face the trial. god will forgive him if he takes the right action,even if it its an accident

arnold , pune

Remo has a right to take whatever nationality he chooses to take. That is nobody's business.

What is in question is that his son whilst driving hit a pedestrian. A minor who sustained injuries and was taken to hospital.

Remo should have thought about the victim instead of running away to Portugal. And furthermore, we read in the papers that he abused the victim. Remo is not above the law.

If that is the case, we have lost all respect for Remo. He should practice what he preaches. He has a duty of care towards the victim, and compensate if need be.

That will be the decent action to take by Remo.


Remo, his family or any other person being Portuguese nationals is not an issue at all but what happens to two of our Legislators one a BJP MLA and the other a minister in BJP government in Goa is a matter of concern to people like me. This is because as a minister a person is privy to certain secrets of the state and as a BJP MLA a person he gets access to information about the government. I appeal Goa police to ask these people to be deported.

Arun Baba Naik , Panaji Goa