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Download Goa Police App, report offences and seek help


Goa Police has developed an App for Mobile phones, for Goans & tourists, for seeking help of police in emergency as well as to inform the police about offences.

Unfortunately, the App is being developed only for Android and iPhone users and not for Windows phones, which are equally popular.

The App also provides basic information about Goa police.

Register you Emergency Contact Nos

Upon downloading the application the first step is the registration process which includes name and contact number.

This process is vital to help Goa Police reach out and update the user with information about reported traffic violations and offences.

Upon completing the registration, the next step is updating emergency contact numbers in the “Emergency Contact Numbers” screen where the users enter the contact numbers of the persons to be notified in the event of using the SOS feature.

This list can be modified at anytime by clicking on the settings button.

The SOS functionality is a key functionality in times of emergency. Once the SOS button is clicked, it will try and get the users GPS co-ordinate and send this information along with a message requesting for help to all contacts saved in the “Emergency Contact Numbers” page.

Certain Operating Systems will require the user’s permission to enable the GPS functionality. The user can also avail help by clicking the call police or call ambulance buttons which directly call the said services.

Safety Tips

Additionally, the application also provides the user with essential off-hand information through the ‘About Us’ button which provides basic data about Goa Police and its various departments, message from our DGP, the contact details to all the Police departments and its key personnel.


And the Safety Tips button, which provides the user with simple tips to be followed to increase safety in our society as well as various traffic offences and their associated penalties.

The application also helps users to find help in terms of nearest utilties such as fuel stations, tow truck services, mechanics, police stations and hospitals through the Emergency Services button which use the GPS coordinates of the user to find the nearest utilities available.

Report Offence & Traffic Violation

The Report Offence and Traffic Violation Buttons are functionalities that enable the user to capture and report offences and traffic violations in a structured manner.

If a user at anytime witnesses anyone breaking the law or any irregularities within the state, the user through this functionality can compile a report comprising of image or video evidence of the offence by clicking the “new report” button.

In addition the user can record a narration of the events, and add the location details of the offence.

All this can be done in offline mode and saved for further alteration or can be directly sent to Goa Police for processing. A saved report can be accessed by clicking the “view reports” button. The user can access this report once the report is ready, the user can send this information to Goa Police by clicking the “send” button. 

The user will require an internet connection to send a report. Once the report is submitted the user will receive an acknowledgement along with a reference number for follow-up with the Goa Police Control Room.

We strongly recommend the citizens as well as visitors of the state to use this application and help Goa Police in ensuring a safer Goa.

The app can be found on the

Google Playstore using this url and,

in iTunes using the url is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Its a great effort by Gao police VIVA

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