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Full text of budget speech


Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar today presented a budget for the year 2014-15. This is a full text of the budget speech.

     Hon’ble Speaker Sir,

‘The best way to find yourself,

is to lose yourself in the service of others..’

With these words of Mahatma Gandhi, I rise to present the Budget 2014-15 to this August House.


2.       My Government will be completing two years in the Office on 9th March 2014. The period has been very challenging. The State economy, on one hand was gradually overcoming the global economic slowdown and on the other hand being pushed into an economic turmoil of human making, when the Supreme Court imposed blanket ban on the extraction and transportation of mining ore in the State, making all the economic agents in the mining sector redundant overnight.


3.       The mining sector as we all know contributes immensely to the economy in generation of income and employment to a large number of people. Over a period of time, a robust economic system was developed around it that offered livelihood to its numerous constituents. Over 150,000 people are directly and indirectly dependent on this sector. In the year 2010-11 and 2011-12 contribution of mining sector to GSDP was close to 20 and 17 percent which fell drastically to a low of about 5.50 percent in 2012-13 and further almost to NIL in 2013-14.


4.       The State Exchequer was deprived of revenue receipts of ` 2000 crores over the past 18 months, which includes direct revenue on mining royalty of around ` 1300 crore and an indirect revenue estimated at ` 700 crore on account of reduction in taxes. In short, my Government was faced with the challenge of keeping the wheels of development rolling, while ensuring that committed expenditure flows smoothly thereby keeping the growth momentum of the economy intact. In addition, the Government had to intervene to avoid any human tragedy as a result of desperation, amongst those dependent on mining sector for their livelihood.


5.       Substantially large payment obligation on schemes of socio-economic development on one hand, and servicing the debt and outstanding payment of works of the previous Government on the other, was indeed been a struggle. My Government had to do a ‘tight rope walking’ and had to make both ends meet due to limited resources at its disposal.


6.       I take pride in informing this August House that we have managed to improve the State finances through various innovative ideas to fill the revenue gap.


7.       Despite the pressure on revenues, my Government not only could meet all committed liabilities of the State on account of interest payment; principal debt repayment; pension payment and payment of outstanding bills of the previous Government in time but could also implement various ambitious socio-economic schemes announced through my last two Budget speeches.


Economic Profile

8.       Sir, I now present a brief profile of the state economy. The Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) at constant prices during the year 2012-13 is likely to grow at 8.47 percent as against 22.10 percent in 2011-12 due to drastic fall in the mining sector’s contribution to the GSDP. The growth under Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors for 2012-13 were (-) 37.81, 4.07 and 17.06 percent respectively.  


Budget Estimates for 2014-15 and Revised Estimates for 2013-14

9.       Sir, The total budget size for the year 2014-15 has been estimated at ` 10526.45 crore as against RE of  ` 9446.19   crore in 2013-14, showing an increase of 11.44 percent. The plan size is estimated at ` 4389.25 crore as against `4452 crore budget estimate of 2013-14. I have deliberately trimmed down the plan size marginally by cutting down the flab to ensure that we achieve better compliance on the plan expenditure. The expenditure on Revenue Account for the fiscal year 2014-15 is estimated at `8099.47 crore as against the Revenue Account Receipt of `8090.09 crore leaving a marginal Revenue deficit of ` 9.38 crore.


10.     Sir, the Fiscal deficit is estimated at `1610.71 crore as against `1357.23 crore of 2013-14 revised estimates. The fiscal deficit as a percentage to GSDP is estimated to be 3.40.  I estimate the Debt to GSDP Ratio to be marginally lower at 20.14 percent for the year ending 2014-15 as compared to 20.40 percent for the year ending 2013-14.


11.     Sir, as per the revised estimates for 2013-14, the total revenue receipts stood at ` 6745.87 crore as against `7306.74 crore as per the Budget Estimates. The revenue expenditure on the other hand got revised to ` 7092.21 crore, from the Budget Estimate of  ` 7510.39 crore. The revised total capital expenditure during the year 2013-14 are placed at `2204.82 crore against `2426.06 crore of Budget Estimate, showing decrease of 9.12 percent. The revenue deficit and fiscal deficit for 2013-14 have been revised to `346.34 crore and `1357.22 crore as against `203.69 crore and `1365.00 crore respectively.  


12.     Despite the odds, the financial management of my Government has been par excellence. While maintaining fiscal prudence, my Government has neither compromised on the implementation of its socio-economic schemes nor restrained itself from creation of capital assets to provide fillip to the economy so essential at this juncture.


Administration and Governance

13.     In order to achieve excellence in the administration and to make Government efficient, effective, responsible, responsive, competent, forward looking and technology savvy; there is need to impart suitable training to employees at all levels. Accordingly, my Government will frame ‘Goa State Training Policy’ which will be implemented from 2014-15.


14.     Likewise, my Government is in the process of establishing ‘Administrative Training Institute’   and a Memorandum of Understanding with Yeshawantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration, Pune has been signed. I also propose to impart training to Elected Representatives and officials of Local Self Government from city to village level through Rambhau Mhalgi Prabhodini, accordingly I have made adequate provision in the budget.


15.     Speaker Sir, as informed in my last budget speech I have already established a ‘Human Resource Development Corporation’ which will undertake work of security and housekeeping of all the Government Departments  by employing  and training the suitable candidates. I am happy to announce that the Corporation is all set to employ 2000 personnel initially as first step and all the personnel who are already working under Goa Recruitment Society will be considered appropriately for this recruitment. I have made provision of ` 10 crores to the Corporation for this purpose.


16.     Speaker Sir, due to absence of Recruitment Policy, the method of recruitment process varies from Department to Department paving the way for discretion in the process. I feel that such an approach is not a healthy sign for good Governance. I, therefore, propose to devise a ‘Comprehensive Recruitment Policy’ to streamline the process of recruitment across Departments.


17.     Sir, my Government has already taken a decision for creation of separate Cadre exclusively for the State of Goa as provided under the Goa, Daman and Diu Reorganization Act, 1987.  By creation of this separate cadre, Government will be able to invest in the Officers by way of training, sensitization towards local needs and commitment towards growth of the State. With this I feel Goa will be the work place for All India Service Officers and not a holiday destination as perceived. I have made an initial provision of ` 50 lakhs for the purpose.


18.     Further in order to make the bureaucracy more proactive and for the purpose of efficient management, I propose to induce lateral entry in the administration by engaging experienced trained personnel from field of Finance, IT, Administration etc. for short and medium term deployment in the relevant Department.



19.     Sir, through my previous budget, I have provided an umbrella scheme for the mining affected people and provided financial relief to truck owners and those who lost their employment after the mining ban.  During the last financial year, I have disbursed more than ` 80 crores, which assisted the Truck owners and the unemployed, to sustain the onslaught of economic collapse. This August House is well aware of the plight of the various economic agents including Barge, Truck and Machinery operators who have borrowed substantially from the Banking sector. Due to the sudden closure of mining sector their loan accounts have turned into bad debts and have been categorized as non-performing assets, thus, invoking penal action against them. However, my Government intervened and ensured that the loans are rescheduled and repayments are deferred.


20.     Since resumption of mining depends on judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court which may take some more time, there is a need for active intervention of the Government to provide immediate respite to the Barge, Truck and Machinery operators.  A workable solution requires to be found out to settle the loan accounts of these operators. Accordingly my Government is actively deliberating with the Bankers and the Barge, Truck and Machinery operators to arrive at an amicable solution to settle the loan accounts.  A primary estimate indicates that the liability of this sector, is to the tune of around ` 680 crores, and will require around ` 340 crores to work out a reasonable one time settlement with the bankers.  It is my intention to make the payments in the next two to three years.  I have made a provision of ` 150 crores in this Budget to make the sector debt free. Details of the proposal will be worked out in consultation with the Bankers, Financial companies and the members of this August House representing the areas impacted by mining ban.


21.     Speaker Sir, My Government has implemented the Mining Policy to streamline the mining industry. I will ensure that irregularities and illegalities in the mining industry will come to an end and the industry shall be regulated as per the rules and regulations. For this purpose extensive use of ICT will be adopted. The hitherto, reckless exploitation of iron ore without due consideration for its sustainability and ecological sensitivity shall not be allowed at any cost. I assure this House that, those who have looted the State during the 2006 to 2012 shall be brought to book even though there is delay due to complexity of the matter and lack of expertise with the Investigators being specialized economic offences. The continuous strain on the Department, due to the demand by various agencies including Courts, for data that did not exist and had to be reconstructed and compiled afresh; led to the delay in bringing the culprits to book.


22.     Speaker Sir, my Government also intends to frame suitable dump handling policy for which we have appointed NEERI as the consultant to advise us on handling of the dumps. Subject to the decision of the Apex Court, I intend to cap the extraction at 25 MT and dump handling at maximum 20 MT. On resumption of mining, work to construct special mining corridors will be undertaken.


23.     Sir, in order to resume legal sand extraction in the State, Government will appoint a Special Officer to carry out legal formalities, coordinate between several statutory authorities etc., so that all necessary permissions can be obtained within stipulated time.  




Social Welfare, Women and Child Development and Tribal Welfare

24.     Sir, my Government has been successfully implementing most of its ambitious socio-economic Schemes for the betterment of the vulnerable, poor and needy people in the State. The ‘Freedom from Hunger Scheme’ (DSSS) which supports large number of people including senior citizens, widows, single women, destitute, HIV infected persons, orphan children, disabled persons and persons suffering from Autism and Neurological disabilities,  a recent addition to the scheme;  are all  supported  with a financial assistance  ranging from  ` 2000 to

` 3500 per month. The scheme has been highly successful and supports as many as 1.30 lakh people with total disbursement of ` 300 crores during the year 2013-14.


25.     The Ladli Laxmi Scheme, the anti-inflationary Scheme popularly known as Griha Aadhar Scheme, Educational Schemes for SC/ST and OBC, Schemes for Unemployed youth, Housing schemes for the poor, Schemes for elderly, disabled people, Helpless women and children and plethora of other such Schemes for the betterment and well-being of the people are being successfully implemented by my Government.  During the year, in a small way, I intend to support disabled in their endeavour to become independent and self employed through providing support equipments.  Necessary budgetary provisions have been made.


26.     The Central Government through its unplanned policy on LPG subsidy cash transfer to the beneficiaries has failed in remitting the amount to many of the concerned beneficiaries, leading to inconvenience and hardship to the housewives. While taking up this issue with the Central Government to resolve the chaotic situation which the household presently finds itself in; I propose to provide additional cushion of  ` 200 under Griha Aadhar scheme  and thereby enhance the monthly allowance to the housewives from present `1000 to `1200, with effect from 01st June, 2014.

          During the current year, I intend to strengthen the security net further by providing altogether ` 788.04 crores for the Social Sector.


27.     In the backdrop of rising crime against women, a trend that has been observed, across the country, my Government proposes to form a special women police battalion with strength of 300. My Government believes that by suitable training to conduct investigation and by providing orientation towards crime against women, the special women police force would be able to create comfortable and secured environment for women which is the need of the hour.


28.     To encourage women and Self Help Groups to take up entrepreneurial activity for self employment, my Government would adopt a focused approach on deciding the loan proposal applications of women, under Dr. Kurien Self Employment Scheme operated through Economic Development Corporation Ltd.

          Sir, I have also provided `1.00 crores for giving marketing support to Self  Help Groups 


29.     My Government is already implementing a Scheme for providing financial assistance in form of a grant cum interest free loan scheme, to upgrade infrastructure of the schools. I propose to provide additional financial assistance   to educational Institutions having an enrollment of more than 50 percent students belonging to ST community, under this scheme.


30.     Speaker Sir, through a new Scheme called “Naisargik  Apatti Aadhar Yojana” my Government intends to provide financial assistance to those who suffer damage to life and property either by attack of wild animals, fire or falling of tree or any such other natural causes. The scheme proposes to cover the damages caused due to the above by providing a maximum financial assistance of ` 50,000 towards damage to property, ` 20,000 towards medical treatment on injuries and ` 2 lakhs in case of death. This scheme will give some relief to the people residing, in and around Forest areas, specifically the Tribal community. This scheme will also evolve a mechanism to create necessary infrastructure such as fencing to ensure that the crops are not destroyed by the wild animals. The scheme will be implemented by Agriculture Department with assistance from Forest Department and Tribal welfare Department.


31.     Speaker Sir, I have already raised reservation for Other Backward Classes to 27 percent. Now, I proposed 2 percent reservation for Economical Backward Class, however this reservation would be implemented only after finalization of economic parameters in order to avoid any misuse. 


32.     Sir, I proposed to constitute a “Mati Kala” board in order to revive our traditional pottery and other clay art and to infuse elements of contemporary modern art into it. I have made initial provision of Rs. 5.00 lakhs for this during this financial year.


33.     Sir, as mentioned earlier, I have substantially increased the budget provision for Social Sector which includes `2.00 crores for welfare of Dhangar community, `2.00 crores for Alzheimer Home, `1.00 crores for giving grants to the certified institutions managing home for beggars.


34.     Sir, I have kept provision of `8.50 crores for the pension scheme for traditional occupationers like Render, Paedli, Poder etc. further I intend to increase the pension of Motor Cycle Pilots up to `2000 with additional benefits of reimbursing their 50 percent insurance on the vehicles. 


35.     Sir, while giving special emphasis on Women and child Development I have kept ` 5.5 crores for Sabala Scheme, ` 5.25 crores for Child Protection Scheme, ` 30.00 lakhs for Swavalamban Scheme, ` 10.00 lakhs for Shelter home for Women, ` 3.00 crores for Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahayog Yojana, ` 1.56 crores for Mamata Scheme payable to mothers giving birth to girl child  and  `1.5 crores for the retirement benefit scheme of Anganwadi workers. I also propose to make necessary correction in present procedure of calculating their retirement benefits in order to overcome the present and past anomalies.



36.     Education has always been most dear to my heart. In my earlier tenure as Chief Minister and Minister for Education, I had introduced Cyberage Student Scheme and Interest Free Loan Scheme for Higher Education. Instead of Desktops we have provided Laptops to the students of Std. XIth, under Cyberage Student scheme. During the last year we provided tablets to the students of Std. Vth and VIth, under Cyber-Student Scheme. During the current year, I propose to cover students of Std. Vth  and Std. IXth under the Cyber-Student Scheme and students of Std. XIth under Cyberage Student Scheme,  provided they pass Std. XIth and enter Std. XIIth; for all the Government , Govt. aided and un-aided schools..

We believe that merely providing gadgets does not enhance the quality of education. What is important is that such gadgets must be complimented with quality e-contents. My Government during the year has supplied tablets along with e-learning contents. I intend to improve quality of e-content, while providing Wi-Fi or hotspots to Schools, Colleges and University. I also propose to provide tablets to the schools, so that teachers of relevant classes can utilize them and facilitate the teaching process through e-contents.


37.     Sir, we have revised the quantum of loan as also eligibility criteria under Interest Free Loan Scheme to suit the financial requirement of the students. I am happy to inform this August House that a large number of students have availed benefit under the scheme. Under this scheme, 2000 students have been sanctioned assistance of ` 20 crores, during the year.


38.     Further we have also revised the number and amount of Scholarship under the Goa Scholar Scheme in order to meet the present financial requirement of various courses in India and abroad. In addition to this the Scheme for financial Assistance to the students seeking admissions in institutions of Excellence like IITs, and IIMs, has also been implemented.


39.     Sir, we are living in an age where ‘Knowledge’ is power and hence we must aspire to create a ‘Knowledge Society’. However, to achieve the objective of knowledge society we need to allow unhindered inflow of ideas and knowledge from all the corners of the world and must create conducive environment for it to breed and flourish.


40.     I therefore propose to invite and welcome global institutions of repute to set up its satellite standalone campuses in the State. I believe that such a scenario can only make the concept of ‘Knowledge Society’ meaningful and enriching to the people of the State. My Government believes that State of Goa has all the attributes to attract such institution of global repute. I would be devising a special policy and concessions to attract these institutes. In this respect, Goa Education Development Corporation would be setting up “Educational Estates” as I have announced earlier.  


41.     Speaker Sir, my Government will be providing appropriate financial support to all colleges and NGO’s in education sector to organize seminars, workshops, symposiums etc. Also travel grant would be provided to the researchers and scholars to participate and present their research work and research papers outside the State, in India and abroad. A scheme has already been finalized for the purpose. I have made initial provision of `50 lakhs for the same.


42.     “Satisfied teacher” is the soul of Educational system. Believing this my Government has recently revised the salaries of contract and Lecture basis teachers. It shall be my endeavour to see that wherever regular vacancy exists the same shall be filled with a qualified teacher. Various demands of teachers including Higher Secondary teachers are under consideration of the Government. One such demand is about grant of Selection Grade, wherein only 20% quota is available, thereby depriving many eligible teachers from this benefit. I intend to do away with this 20% quota system.


43.     Speaker Sir, I have already taken steps to strengthen Goa University and as part of my initiative, I have increased the grants to Goa University by an additional amount of ` 5.50 crores.


44.     Sir, I believe that the teacher is the soul of the educational system. A well trained teacher is an asset to the institution. To meet the requirement of well trained teachers at College Level, I propose to start the Goa State Academic Staff College which shall provide pre-Service and in-Service training to the teachers recruited and serving in Colleges of the State.


45.     My Government has already set up a Counseling mechanism at the school and college level, to address emotional, adolescence and other issues facing the student. Further, during the year I propose to establish a career counseling cell to assist the youth, in taking up the right kind of opportunities and make career choices for the future. My Government also plans to introduce degree and Post graduate degree courses relevant to the industrial requirement to ensure the skilled workforce is locally available providing employment to the local youth.


46.     Sir, my Government would provide all the support including financial support for the education in Konkani and Marathi at all level.


47.     Sir, Sanskrit language and Yoga has been the pillars of Indian culture and education. The Mother of all languages needs support for revival and thriving. I intend to support, by means of grant, setting up of a “Sanskrit Ved Mahavidhyalaya” for achieving this goal. I have provided adequate financial provision for the same.

          Similarly, Yoga an ancient art and science of Indian origin is receiving recognition all over the World. However its benefits are being neglected in our own country. I have received many requests for supporting education in Yoga. I intend to tie up with appropriate qualified yoga Institutions, to provide Yoga education to the schools and colleges, who request for the same. I have provided an amount of ` 50 lakhs for promotion of yoga education in my budget.  


48.     Sir, I have nostalgic memories of my college days. Many of the other members of this August House may also perhaps share the same feelings. Let me admit that the extracurricular activities have contributed immensely in shaping my personality. I, therefore feel that student should participate in more and more such activities to facilitate to development of their personalities. In order to conduct such activities through Student Councils, I propose a grant of  `2 lakh each for all the colleges and `15 lakh for University. Adequate provisions have been made for this purpose in the budget.


49.     New methods of learning require use of technology and this is possible by effective utilization of Information and Communication Technology. Smart classrooms can be created in each and every institution, if we provide basic infrastructure like Wi-Fi or hotspots to enable quick internet connectivity and online access to the users.


50.     Last year, I had announced a “Bursary scheme” to assists needy and meritorious students, who are otherwise not fulfilling requirements of other scholarship or loan schemes;   in meeting the cost of higher education. The scheme has already been notified and I have provided `300 lakhs for this purpose in the budget.


51.     In order to provide nutritious and healthy food to the school children I am enhancing the budget provision under the Mid Day Meal scheme to ` 20 crores.  Besides the Directorate of School Education is constantly monitoring the implementation of the mid day meal as per the choice of the parent and likes and dislikes of the student.   


52.     Sir, I also propose to give financial support of ` 10,000/- to each Government Primary School where school enrollment is more than 30, to conduct its annual day and other cultural programme.         


53.     Sir, last year in my budget speech, I had assured that the issue regarding the premature retirement of teachers would be resolved. Thereafter much time has been spent in data collection and verification; and after discussing the matter with the aggrieved retired teachers; I propose to grant them certain relief by providing two increments on last pay drawn, subsequent retirement benefits of gratuity and commutation of pension payable. As a result of this the present monthly pension would get enhanced and the same would be paid effective from 01st April, 2013.   


54.     Speaker Sir, I am happy to inform this August House that work of Govt. College Sanquelim is in final stages of completion, while the work of Govt. College Khandola is in full swing. At present the works of new building for Government College at Margao and additional buildings for Government College of Quepem and Pernem have already been started and my Government intends to complete the first phase during this year and the entire project within two years time.


55.     Sir, I have provided ` 15 crores for National Institute of Technology for acquisition of land, ` 12 crores to Goa College of Engineering for additional infrastructure and purchase of equipment and ` 2.00 crores for expansion of Goa College of Architecture.


56.     Sir to give boost to the education at all level and for all types of children I have made ` 8 crores budget provision for Goa Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, ` 2 crores for Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan, ` 3.60 crores for Bal-Bhavan, ` 6 crores for Sanjay Centre for special education and  `4.5 crores for educational needs of special children.


57.     Speaker sir, in recognition of the work being carried out by National Association for Blind (NAB), I have provided an amount of ` 50 lakhs this year in the budget. The present premise occupied by NAB is on short term lease basis and requires to be renewed time and again. To do away with the hardship faced by NAB, I proposed to grant the said premises to them on a long term lease.


58.     Sir, some children are born with hearing defects, due to which they are not able to speak as normal children. This defect can be corrected and children can converse like any normal child, if this hearing impairment is detected at an early stage. My Government desires to have a tie up with “Cochlea”, an organization working in this area and during this financial year I propose to set up two centres in Goa. I have made sufficient budgetary provisions for the same.


59.     Sir I would also like to strengthen the Goa State Innovation Council and as a first step towards this I have made a budgetary provision of ` 20 lakhs.



60.     Tourism is the backbone of Goa’s economy providing income and employment to large number of people.  To sustain with the current flow of tourists to the State it is inevitable to diversify tourism activities, provide minimum essential amenities to the tourists, create a tourism friendly environment and infrastructure of touristic attraction. My Government having realized the importance of tourism sector for growth and development of the State has announced formulation of State Tourism Policy and Tourism master plan.


61.     I am happy to inform this August house that many of the Budget initiatives that were announced in my previous budget speech are taking shapes. A jetty and a multilevel car parking at Panaji is towards completion. The beautification of Old Goa for the exposition of St. Francis Xavier, beautification of Mardol & Mangueshi temples, illumination of Gajantlaxmi Temple at Volvoi, installation of  illumination system at various places of historic and touristic importance are underway. The historic Mahalsa Temple at Verna has been restored in Phase I of the project at a cost of ` 13 crores; and phase II which proposes to provide ancillary facilities, at a cost of ` 7 crores. The total cost of development of these projects would stand at around ` 46 crores on completion.


62.     During the year 2013-14 the Department has launched several initiatives like innovative marketing and promotion of Goa as favourite tourist destinations within India and abroad, several key tourism infrastructure projects are undertaken to improve the facilities for the tourists and carrying capacity of the State.  And I am happy to inform that, all this positive action resulted in increase in tourist flow by over 12 percent in the year 2013 as compared to 2012, which is the highest annual growth recorded by any State in the Country.


63.     Speaker Sir, in order to provide world class infrastructure in the Tourism sector, all the coastal areas of the State are being converted to underground cabling. During this year, an amount of ` 40 crores have been provided for the purpose. Work orders worth more than ` 180 crores have been issued to undertake these works in Cavelellosim to Colva, Vasco and Canacona. Further, projects worth ` 50 crores are in pipeline.


64.     Sir, this year in the month of November, the Archdiocese of Goa is holding the solemn Exposition of the sacred relics of St. Francis Xavier at Old Goa. This being an important decennial event, the State Government would provide all necessary support and required infrastructure, to ensure better services for nearly 15 lakh  devotees and pilgrims expected from India and all around the World. For this purpose, I have made adequate budgetary provision. We will be establishing an Exposition Secretariat, consisting of the Members of this House and other officials, for better co-ordination among State Government Departments and Services.


65.     Sir, give the impetus for growth of tourism sector in the State, I have provided ` 86.5 crores for development of tourism related infrastructure, ` 5.00 crores for garbage disposal, ` 80 lakhs for scheme of Heritage Houses, ` 5.00 crores for promotion of Tribal Tourism in Tribal areas and ` 24.00 crores for Beach Patrol and Safety.





66.     Sir, the excellent health indicators in the State must not make us complacent and we must strive relentlessly to improve it further to match it with world standards. I, assure this August House that all efforts shall be made to make this vision a reality.


67.     As a way forward, my Government has initiated strengthening of Primary and Community Health Centers; Commenced paramedical courses in physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Optometry, Anaesthesia technology and Radio technology; and proposed to set up a super specialty block at Goa Medical College at the expense of ` 150 crores, and a tertiary care centre for cancer at a cost of ` 45 crores. The super specialty Block shall consist of Neurology, Neurosurgery; Nephrology, Urology; Paediatrics Surgery; Plastic Surgery; Endocrinology; and Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.


68.     My Government has commissioned a Cardiology and Cardio Thoracic Surgery Unit at the cost of ` 30 crores, a new forensic block and a new trauma ward in Goa Medical College. Besides these, we have already completed Hospitals at Ponda, Usgao-Tisk, Bicholim, Valpoi and Sanquelim. Hospitals at Tuem, Cacora, Shiroda, Cansaulim and Chicalim have been undertaken for execution and are expected to be completed during the current year. Adequate budgetary provisions have been made for the same.


69.     Speaker Sir, a comprehensive health insurance scheme of my Government “Dindayal Swasthya Seva Yojana” has been finalized and will be implemented latest by June 2014.


70.     Speaker Sir, we have already started construction of Phase II building of Goa Dental College. A project estimated at ` 52.00 crores. This will enable Goa Dental College to have their own operation theaters which was a long pending demand.


71.     Speaker Sir, my Government has already initiated the projects like new building for girl’s hostel, lecture cum examination halls, and auditorium for Goa Medical College which became utmost necessity after increase in MBBS seats to 150. Further present infrastructure of TB hospital at St. Inez is suffering from neglect; my Government has already taken steps to construct new building for this hospital in Goa Medical College Complex.


72.     Sir, further I propose to support Ayurvedic College at Shiroda, by providing them annual maintenance grant. I have made provision of `.3.00 crores for this purpose.


73.     Sir, it is also proposed to have a dedicated section of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathic (AYUSH) system of medicines under a Deputy Director under which additional Ayurvedic and Homeopathic doctors will be appointed in rural Health Centres. I have made appropriate fund provision for this.


Industry and Infrastructure

74.     Sir, I would like to use the existing industrial infrastructure to its optimum considering the constraint of land and for this purpose, Industrial Development Corporation is working on a suitable policy, wherein, subject to certain conditions and fees to be paid to IDC; all unutilized factory premises will be permitted to be leased for use in manufacturing. While prohibiting any transfers of plots allotted, transfer of factories will be permitted, subject to certain conditions and only for the purpose of manufacturing activity. For the first time in IDC history, a new Allotment policy has been formulated for transparent allotment of plots.

This will ensure that unutilized space lying idle, will be used for generating industrial output, creating employment while ensuring additional income to the IDC, thereby providing much needed funds to IDC for the purpose of maintenance of the  industrial estates.


75.     Sir, my Government proposes to notify its Investment Policy, which has been almost finalized, before this month end. The highlights of the Investment Policy and its salient features are at Annexure I to the speech.


76.     Sir, an Investment Promotion Board, as a statutory body, under the Chairmanship of the Chief Minister will be set up for speedy disposals of investment proposals and for time bound decisions.  The Ministers for Information Technology, Industries and Tourism would be the Vice Chairpersons of the Investment Board. This Board will be ably supported by Technical Consultants assisting it, in analyzing, evaluating and quick disposals of proposals. This Board will also act as a ‘single window’ for facilitating all approvals for the investment proposals. Necessary legal enactment will be carried out very soon for implementation of the investment policy.


77.     Towards the implementation of the Investment and Industrial Policy, I have made a provision of ` 45 crores in the budget. So also I have provided for ` 400 lakhs for promotion of Handicrafts and ` 265 lakhs for Khadi and Village Industries Board.


78.     Sir, my government has set up a Food Processing Council and we await its recommendations for supporting the food processing industry including local cashew processing units.


79.     Speaker Sir, the State has limited land mass and land being very precious and costly; it needs to be used most judiciously for the economic benefit of the State. Accordingly my Government endeavours to take appropriate measures to increase the FAR to industries in Industrial Estates, besides ensuring release of land originally allotted to ‘SEZ’ and stuck up in litigation before the Apex Court. The land so released shall be used for Industries that are high on priority list as per the Investment Policy to be notified soon.


80.     My Government intends to expand the existing industrial estates and establish new ones at Latambarcem, Carambolim, Shiroda, Sacordem and Poinguinim. I also propose to establish micro-industrial zones in each taluka during next two years to encourage the small entrepreneurs who wish to establish their business unit.


81.     Sir, my Government will also take initiatives to finalize a policy on Logistics Network including development of transport facilities, development of minor ports and jetties. In this regards logistic hubs are being considered to be established at Pernem, Dharbandora and Canacona.


82.     My Government expects the Coal Block allocated at Chhattisgarh would facilitate generation of 400 MW power during 2014-15, which would improve the availability of power considerably.


83.     My Government recognizes the development of large infrastructural projects requiring sufficiently huge amount of capital expenditure which are essential for providing necessary push to the growth and development of the State. Few of such projects such as oceanarium, theme park, convention and exhibition centre, rapid rail transport, marinas, minor ports, creation of infrastructure for financial hub, swift water transport system and development of ropeways; are being  explored for implementation, using  private enterprise and capital.


84.     While developing the infrastructure under the various sectors, a holistic approach shall be adopted so as to have balanced development of the State. In order to get expert advice on holistic planning of infrastructure development for the entire State my Government will appoint specialized group to advise the Government on the issue.


85.     Sir, I intend to develop a large Exhibition Space at Merces, with adequate parking and sanitation facilities, to be used on commercial basis; in collaboration and partnership with the owners and tenants of the land. A suitable model will be worked out in consultation with all the stakeholders.     


Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

86.     Speaker Sir, my Government has announced several schemes for agricultural promotion and seeks to create an enabling environment conducive to investment in agro-based industry to accelerate the revival of agricultural production and animal husbandry activities, provide remunerative prices to farmers, and generate employment opportunities in rural areas.


87.     Sir, my initiative in agriculture sector have started giving results and my Governments priority would be to  bring more and more land under agriculture and horticulture use. For this purpose, my Government intends to start conducting survey of fallow land and we have selected Tiswadi taluka to implement pilot project through Goa Electronics Ltd.


88.     My Government’s Krishi Card Scheme that aims at providing urgent, need based and timely credit support to the farmers for cultivation needs as well as non-farm activities at concessional rates has evoked tremendous response from the farmers. We have received close to 15,000 applications. Looking at such a positive response, I intend to increase the loan amount from ` 30,000 to ` 50,000 at nominal interest of 01%. This scheme will be implemented from 01st June. I am confident that this would help farming community of their urgent credit requirement.  


89.     Sir, to reduce the dependence on neighbouring states for our requirement of vegetables, fruits and flowers, my Government will motivate farmers to take up cultivations of these items under protective environment. I therefore propose to establish at least hundred Poly and Green houses in the State under present scheme, with appropriate corrections to tide over the constraints faced. I have made a provision of ` 150 lakhs in the budget.


90.     In an effort to provide consumers, fruits and vegetables at subsidized rate the Goa State Horticulture Corporation have established over 800 vegetable outlets in the State. For this, I have provided ` 20 crores in the budget under the scheme of price control of essential food and vegetable commodities. The Horticulture Corporation through its scheme of purchase of local grown vegetables at prefixed and declared prices in advance, has purchased almost 200 tonnes of vegetables during the last year and plans to purchase atleast 800 tonnes during current year. This has immensely benefited the small local vegetable growers and I propose to continue with the scheme in the present format and appeal to the farmers to make use of the scheme to the fullest extent. A provision of ` 100 lakhs has been made.


91.     Speaker Sir, the agriculture sector has been provided with lots of support in my last two Budgets. The amounts of subsidy disbursed during 2013-14 would be nearly ` 70 crores as compared to only ` 29.30 crores during the year 2011-12.


92.     Sir, during the current financial year, in intend to increase support price of cashew to ` 100 per kilogram.


93.     Sir, I have also provided sufficient budgetary provisions for various subsidies. For crop production a provision of ` 12.20 crores has been made, while for survey of fallow land ` 25 lakhs has been provided. For the purpose of Horticulture improvement ` 1.20 crores, for Agricultural subsidy in Tribal areas ` 8 crores, for Shetkari Aadhar Nidhi  ` 3 crores, for Jalkkund ` 30 lakhs, for interest subsidy ` 1 crore , and for well digging ` 40 lakhs has been provided in the budget.


94.     Speaker Sir, I have provided ` 9.60 crores for soil conservation and bund protection besides ` 25 lakhs for revitalization of water bodies.  Further I have made a provision of ` 28 crores for support prices and ` 13.7 crores under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana.


95.     Speaker sir, last year I had announced a scheme for establishing farmer’s market along the highways, a place where locals can sell their produce. This could not take off because of non-availability of suitable land. However, I am in the process of identifying suitable parcels of land for this purpose and I intend to establish the farmers market on a mission mode. I have made a provision of ` 3 crores for the same.


96.     Speaker sir, by providing all the support for milk production we have managed to increase the milk procurement by dairies to 81000 litres per day. I have made adequate provisions of ` 25 crores toward subsidy on milk, ` 20 crores on “Sudharit Kamdhenu Yojana”, ` 1.20 crores for rural dairy, ` 4.00 crores for  improvement in milk production in Tribal areas and ` 3.5 crores for calf rearing.


97.     Sir, I have also provided ` 40 lakhs for backyard poultry, ` 20 lakhs for piggery and ` 30 lakhs for fodder subsidy. I have provided ` 5.30 crores for Goa Meat Complex, so that the complex can modernize itself and come out of the rut it finds itself in.


98.     Sir, due to certain technical difficulties and an indifferent approach by some officials, I could not distribute the amount to Animal Welfare organizations, although I had made related announcements and provision in my previous budget. I make my intentions clear for disbursing the grant, by overcoming all hurdles in this process. I have provided ` 3 crores for the purpose.


99.     Sir, as we are all aware, the menace of stray cattle is a larger problem, due to which several other hardships are faced by the general public.  I propose to devise a scheme for a five year term to tackle this problem in collaboration with NGO’s working in this field, such as Bharat Swabhiman Kisan Sanstha, and other such NGOs.          


Fisheries, Ports and River Navigation

100.   Speaker Sir, as we all know that in the year 2009, the State was hit by Phyan Cyclone wherein many fishermen had lost their life. In order to take emergency rescue and safety measures in such type of calamity, my Government proposes to set up of new modern control room equipped with various safety equipments. Besides we have created a Corpus Fund towards such eventuality, for which, this year I have provided ` 2 crores in the budget.


101.   My Government in order to boost tourism activity hand in hand with fishing and river navigation across the State and far flung areas; shall take up development of rivers and river fronts, with appropriate interventions like, ramps, jetties, pontoons etc. In the first phase, such development will be taken up on Chapora and Tiracol rivers in the North District.


102.   In order to use the inland waterways effectively and create an effective alternative mode of transportation I propose to take up the work of de-silting and dredging of the rivers to create navigational channel.


103.   Sir, I have made various provisions under Fisheries Department, of ` 15 crores towards reimbursement of VAT on diesel, ` 5 crores for subsidy on kerosene and petrol, ` 5 crores for outboard motors, ` 1.5 crores for Aqua Fish festival, ` 1 crore for setting up a Aqua Marine Amusement Park, ` 6.5 crores for construction of landing berth, ` 1.67 crores for safety gear for fishermen and ` 55 lakhs to establish fish stalls.   


Home, Police and Fire Services

104.   Speaker Sir, entire Police system in Goa needs to be revamped and reengineered. Needless to say, that a proper infrastructure needs to be provided for this purpose. Therefore, I propose to construct new building for Police Stations at Mapusa, Bicholim and Quepem and Police quarters at Porvorim, Mapusa and Fatorda. The construction of new building for Mapusa Police Station is already underway. An appropriate budget provision has been made for this purpose.


105.   Sir, we have already established Highway Patrol on trial basis. During the year I intend to make it fully operational unit for which I have provided ` 4 crores. Similarly Coastal Police have been provided with ` 1crore for improving their infrastructure.


106.   Sir, we have carried out recruitment to fill vacancies that exist. However, due to large number of promotions, retirements in the service; an additional recruitment is in progress, whereby the required manpower shortage faced by the Police at various levels will be addressed. 


107.   Speaker Sir, during last year Department of Fire and Emergency Services could save 163 human lives, 259 animal lives and property worth ` 69.12 crores. I am happy to inform this August House that for creating fire safety awareness in the State, my Government started implementing a training programme called ‘Training of Trainers’ in all schools of the State for last 3 years and in year 2013, 510 teachers have been imparted training in basic fire safety and evacuation drill and 2150 candidates have been imparted training in elementary fire prevention and fire fighting. I propose to set up new Fire Stations at Curchorem, Porvorim, Bicholim and Valpoi as also provide additional equipment. I have provided ` 13 crores for this purpose.


108.   Sir, national security has become a matter of great concern. In order to keep Goa free from terrorism, we need to take immediate steps. The disciplined forces as well as policy makers need to be sensitized and trained. I therefore, intend to setup an Academy for study in national security and strategic planning, in collaboration with the Forum for Integrated National Security. I have made an initial budgetary provision of ` 50 lakhs towards this initiative.


109.   Sir, as promised, I have already introduced in this Assembly a Bill that will finally set the people of Mayem free. I have provided ` 20 crores for the purpose of implementation of the same.


Official Language, Art and Culture, Archives and Archaeology

110.   Speaker Sir, I intend to undertake extensive research work as well as creation of various terminologies and lexicon in Konkani. For this purpose, I intend to set up separate cell in Department of Official Language. Initially, I have kept a provision of ` 20 lakhs.


111.   I would like to start Devanagari shorthand and typing classes for Government servants so that as a part of implementation of Official language so as to enable the Government Departments start corresponding as well as put up notings in Official language.


112.   My Government has already started extensive training in Official language for the Government servant at all levels. Now, I propose an honorarium of ` 3000 for each employee who successfully undergoes this training.


113.   Speaker Sir, I need not tell this August House the present state of affairs of the Gomantak Marathi Academy. Without commenting on that, I want to announce, that I propose to establish a separate Marathi Academy. While setting  up the new Marathi Academy, the problems of the current employees will be addressed adequately. For this purpose I have provided an amount of ` 2 crores in the budget.


114.   Similarly, Konkani Academy has been provided with a grant of ` 2 crores and during the year, I will also be commencing construction of Konkani Bhavan.


115.   Sir, there are many enthusiastic Konkani and Marathi publishers in Goa who publish weekly’s, monthly’s, bimonthly’s, fortnightly’s and sometimes non periodicals. Sir, I feel this is our cultural treasure and needs to be supported. I intend to provide financial support, under “Akshar Mitra Yojana” to these publications. I have made provision of ` 25 lakhs for this purpose.


116.   Sir while announcing all this new initiative for the development of Konkani and Marathi, I have increased the budget provision of Official Language Department from ` 2.46 crores to `12.18 crores.


117.   Speaker Sir,         we have already inaugurated long pending projects of Ravindra Bhavan at Baina,Vasco and at Sanquelim. The Bhavans will start fully functioning by June 2014. Speaker Sir, I have already laid foundation stone for Ravindra Bhavan at Canacona and the work has already been tendered and the entire project will be completed within two years. During the year Rajiv Gandhi Kala Mandir at Ponda will be completed and work on new Ravindra Bhaavn at Mapusa will begin satisfying long pending demand of all Bardezkar’s 


118.   I am happy to inform that my Government is overwhelmed by the appreciation of the people for restoring and beautifying Fort Reis Magos. The restoration of the Fort has led to increase in visitors. Encouraged by this appreciation, my Government would like to take up restoration and beautification work of the Forts at Aguada, Chapora, Alorna and Cabo De Rama. I have made initial provision of ` 2 crores for the purpose. 


119.   Speaker Sir, this year we are celebrating tri-centenary of the birth of great Goan Saint Shree Sohirobanath Ambiye. On this occasion, the Department of Art & Culture will publish compilation of his all scattered literature. Further, I propose to celebrate this year by conducting various activities at Government level as well as supporting private initiative. For this purpose, a State Level Committee shall be constituted.

          Sir, Sohirobanath Ambiye is known as the Dynaneshwar of Goa who has given a revelation of Marathi to Goans as Dynaneshwar did for Maharashtrians. I propose to establish a chair at Goa University in the name of Sant Sohirobanath Ambiye, for research in  Marathi language and Goan Marathi literature.


120.   Speaker Sir, the Government Central Library at Panaji and District Library at Margao are par excellence comparable with any international standard. Now, I propose to strengthen taluka and village libraries. As first step towards this, I propose to enhance the Government grants given to libraries with private initiative with an increase in the salaries of contractual staff appointed by the management of private libraries. I have made an appropriate provision for this purpose in this budget.


121.   Speaker Sir, I intend to recognize tremendous work done by the Konkani Bhasha Mandal, a parent organization of Konkani Movement and intend to give continuous regular maintenance grant of `15 lakh for their regular activities. I also propose to give regular grant of `15 lakh to All India Konkani Parishad for their activities. I have made appropriate provision for this in my budget estimates.


122.   Sir, I would also extend financial support to Gomantak Sahitya Sevak Mandal and  Lokmitra Mandal Mapusa to conduct literary and linguistic activities of Marathi.


123.   Sir, in order to recognize the contribution of legendary personalities working for the promotion of language and literature, I intend to start a life time achievement award for the individuals working for Konkani, Marathi and Sanskrit. I have provided ` 10 lakhs for this purpose. Sir, I also intend to promote growth of Hindi by providing requisite support .


124.   Speaker Sir, the present state of infrastructure of Goa State Museum is very pathetic, I therefore, propose to construct a new building for Goa State Museum for which I have made initial provision of ` 10 crores.




125.   Speaker Sir, in my last budget speech, I had promised to provide housing flats at the rate of ` 12000 per square meter for certain categories of people. I am happy to inform this August House that land has been identified at Colvale, Bardez and planning work has already commenced.


126.   Sir, a House is a dream of every individual, but nowadays for any middle class employee especially in Goa, it remains as an unfulfilled dream for ever, due to very high cost of land and housing. I would be certainly happy, to see their dream coming to reality. My colleagues will also share this sentiment. Therefore, I intend to reduce  the interest rate for house building advance for Government servants     from existing 5 percent to 2 percent. This shall also be applicable for existing advances already taken by the Government employees. However this facility shall not be available for employees availing the benefit under above mentioned scheme of providing low cost housing and in such cases separate housing loan scheme will be made operational. Further, I propose to increase existing limit of eligible loan amount by 20 percent ad-hoc to the present cap. I have increased the provisions to ` 15 crores towards interest subsidy as against last years budgeted amount of ` 5 crores.


Civil supplies:

127.   Speaker Sir, my Government has already digitized entire Ration Card data. All the Civil Supply godowns and offices are networked and supply chain management has been started. To start with, Bardez Taluka will be covered under Smart Card based Ration Card.

128.   Sir, my Government will start implementing National Food Security Act in the State of Goa well within the time frame and I have made appropriate budget provision for the same.


Forest, Environment and Science Technology

129.   Speaker Sir, my government has already taken up modernization of the Bondla Zoo, according to the master plan prepared. I am happy to inform this August House that last year around one lakh tourists visited the Zoo. I propose to carry out further enhancement of the Zoo to making it comparable with any international standard.


130.   Sir, I propose to undertake avenue plantation along the road side wherever there is availability of space. I have also made budgetary provision for ` 150 lakhs towards creation and improvement of parks and gardens across the State.


131.   Sir, to encourage renewable energy and to reduce carbon footprint, my Government intends to implement a scheme, to Grant a refund upto maximum 25% of the Infrastructure Tax paid for the buildings which are certified as ‘Green’ by TERI. This scheme will be made effective from 01st September, 2014.


132.   Sir, lot of exercise has been undertaken to establish the state-of-art Garbage Treatment Plant. I am happy to inform the House that we have already finalized two state-of-art Garbage Treatment Plants on BOOT basis at Calangute and Cacora. The land for Calangute plant is already handed over to the operator and we expect the plants to be operational within a year.  



133.   Speaker Sir, as I have announced in my last budget speech, my Government has already laid foundation stone for the Bus stand at Pernem and Marcel, which are now under construction. The bus stand at Valpoi is already completed. During the current year a new Panaji bus stand alongwith the bus stands at Margao and Mapusa, will be taken up on revenue return basis. This would create a perennial funding source to Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd. (KTCL), reducing their dependence on Government for subsidies. Further, I propose to construct a mini bus stand at Sanquelim as per the requirements of the town.


134.   Sir, KTCL has been the backbone of State Transport, aptly supported by the private sector. KTCL has been in a financial mess due to improper human resource policy, burden of loans and repayment of interest thereon and above all mismanagement. I intend to restructure the Corporation, so that component of salary, which is at present 52% of the operational cost and almost 90% of the daily collection, is gradually reduced to 40% of the operational cost. Similarly assets will be utilized to earn more income to the Corporation.


135.   Sir, last year we have introduced a pass system, which has substantially eased out the burden on salaried class and has also reduced the use of two-wheelers. If operated properly it can further reduce the need of two-wheelers on road, thereby reducing pollution and traffic congestion.  I had provided ` 6 crores for this scheme during the last year. As the response is tremendous with nearly 46000 commuters using it, I am increasing the provision to ` 12 crores. With this the scheme will be modified to increase the share of grant accordingly.


136.   Sir last year I had made a provision of  ` 20 crores to debt reduction of  KTCL and this year I have made a provision of ` 15 crores and I intend to wipe out the entire debt in next two to three years.


137.   Sir, I have further provided appropriate financial support for KTCL, including ` 5 crores as to increase Share capital, ` 32 crores towards subsidy, and  ` 7 crores for gratuity fund.   

I expect that with the total support of ` 71 crores, KTCL will be able to turn the corner and provide a smooth, safe and efficient service. 


138.   Sir, Private bus operators suffered due to inability to participate in the pass system, inspite of the offer to extend the scheme to them; due to technical difficulties. Keeping in view their contribution to the transport sector in the State, I propose to help them out in their hour of crisis, by granting them a fuel subsidy of ` 3 per kilometer of operational distance, subject to conditions laid down in the scheme. Government is in discussions with The Goa State Private Bus Owners Association for working out the modalities for the scheme. I have provided ` 14 crores for the same. The scheme will come in force from 01st July, 2014.


139.   Further, I also propose to reimburse 50% of the amount paid by Private buses owners on vehicle insurance, keeping in view rise in insurance premium, subject to maximum of ` 20,000/-  and I have provided ` 2 crores for the same.


140.   Sir, I propose to modify existing Bus Replacement scheme, to grant maximum ` 6 lakhs per replaced bus and I have provided ` 5 crores for the same.


141.   Sir, tourist taxis have been in the news for wrong reasons in the recent past. Government is working a reasonable solution to their demands, although some of them have already been acted upon. Replacement of tourist taxis with better vehicle is the need of the hour. While covering Black & Yellow Taxi operators, passenger rickshaws and motorcycle pilots; tourist taxi operators with maximum 02 taxis will be brought under the cover of Dr. Varghese Kurien Scheme operated by EDC. Further to ensure better cars as per demand of Industry, all small cars of 800 cc will be encouraged to be replaced by better cars. I propose to enhance loan limit under this scheme to ` 12 lakhs and subsidy to ` 4 lakhs. I have made provision of ` 6 crores for the same.


142.   Sir, I also propose to construct an ultra modern, spacious, well equipped “Transport Bhavan” at Panaji. Further, I have provided funds for Administrative Buidling at Ponda, Drivers training Track and ` 1.5 crores for Accident Victiim scheme.



143.   Speaker Sir, my Government has completed the entire infrastructure for 3rd Lusofonia Games in record time of ten months and successfully hosted the games thereby taking Goa on to the International map.


144.   Sir, now I further propose to develop international standard facility for the 36th National Games which would include various indoor and outdoor stadiums. I have provided ` 150 crore to Sports Authority of Goa for the purpose.


145.   Sir, I intend to develop Bandodkar Football stadium at Campal which will be developed for the benefit of the local boys, without any commercial use.


146.   Speaker Sir, I am happy to announce new pension scheme for meritorious sports personalities above the age 60 years and who are in indigent conditions and who have represented Goa at National and International level. The details of the scheme will be worked out by the Department immediately.


147. Sir, the Goa Football Development Council which came into existence hardly one and half year back, has doing commendable work in this sport across the State and their activity needs to be supported. For this purpose I have enhanced financial assistance to ` 6 crores in this year.     


Law and Judiciary

148.   Speaker Sir, I am happy to inform this August House that we have already initiated the construction of new High Court Building Complex at an estimated cost of ` 71 crores. Work of construction of new District Court for North Goa will begin during course of the year. Meanwhile we have provided adequate and spacious premises to the District Courts at Patto which will help decongest the court premises in North Goa.


149.   Sir, I have fulfilled my earlier promise of appointing sufficient notaries and Law Department has recently appointed additional 111 Public Notaries. While doing so, my Government is also conducting inspections and maintaining checks that the Notaries function properly and no hardship is caused to the public.


General Administration, Revenue, Finance and NRI Affairs       

150.   Sir, I propose to construct new Administrative building to house the offices of the Revenue Administration in Bardez taluka at the Asilo Hospital Premises, since the present office space is congested. I have made provisions of ` 150 lakhs for this purpose. Similarly, the work of Administrative building at Marmugoa for Dy. Collector and other Revenue Offices, will be undertaken very shortly. I have made provision of ` 200 lakhs for this purpose.


151.   Sir, during the course of the year I intend to start the rehabilitation of Zuarinagar and Camara Bhat in Panaji, so that those who live there can live with dignity. I have provided ` 10 crores for the purpose.


152.   Sir, the work of construction of the Modern Jail Complex at Colvale comprising 14 buildings is almost completed and the entire project will be inaugurated by this year end. For this purpose I have made budgetary provision of ` 11 crores.


153.   Sir, during the last financial year we have disbursed total pensions of ` 2.75 crores to 1832 sea-farers, under my Government’s unique sea-farers pension scheme. This year I have a kept a provision of ` 3 crores for this purpose.


154.   Sir, I take pride in informing this August House, that a decade ago, I had introduced two long term reserve funds viz. Sinking Fund and Guarantee Redemption Fund; to provide a cushion so that re-payment of debts does not become a burden and the State does not get into a debt trap. Many States have now following the same model for their debt management.  The accumulated reserves now under these two funds stand at ` 320 crores. This year I have provided for ` 40 crores for the purpose. 


Panchayati Raj, Rural Development, Municipal Administration and Town & Country Planning

155.   Speaker sir, this year I have substantially increased the budgetary provisions under Goa Gram Samruddhi Yojana from last years from ` 3.42 crores to ` 10 crores.  I have also increased budgetary provisions under Indira Awas Yojana to ` 6.04 crores.


156.   Speaker Sir, I have also increased the provisions of grants to Village Panchayats upwardly to ` 57 crores and I will ensure that the grants are put to proper use by the Village Panchayats. Further, additionally I have provided grants to the Zilla Panchayat Institutions of ` 15 crores.


157.   Sir, Netravali has been selected under Atal Gram Yojana. However, the scheme could not be implemented effectively due to administrative difficulties. An appropriate structural set-up like a society will be created to overcome all technical difficulties and provide finances under the scheme. I have made provisions of ` 10 crores under this scheme.


158.   Sir, I intend to resolve the issues plaguing the DRDA staff who retires without any post retirement benefits. I propose to grant them a one- time benefit on similar lines as Aganwadi workers. I have made a provision of ` 100 lakhs for this purpose during this year.


159.   Sir, during the year infrastructure creation scheme will be made operational, wherein Government will ensure guaranteed infrastructure of road, water and electricity to all the housing and commercial projects which has paid the appropriate Infrastructure Tax. I have provided ` 25 crores for the same. 


160.   Sir, I have provided ` 20 crores for the City Corporation of Panaji, ` 6 crores each for Margao and Marmugao Municipalities, ` 3 crores each for Ponda and Mapusa Municipalities and ` 2 crores each for Curchorem, Cuncolim, Cancona, Bichoilim, Sanquelim, Pernem, Quepem, Sanguem and Valpoi Municipality.


161.   Sir, under Municipal Administration, I have provided ` 7 crores for Solid Waste Management, ` 50 crores for Goa State Urban Development Agency, ` 1.5 crores for desilting of nallahs, ` 45 crores for JNNURM projects and ` 12.5 crores towards reimbursement of Octroi to the municipalities..  


Information & Publicity 

162.   Speaker sir, I propose to provide interest subsidy on the housing loan availed by the Journalist, by devising an appropriate scheme.  I have made necessary budget provision for the same. Further, pension scheme for the journalist will be modified so that we can do way with problems associated with the corpus fund, and pension will be provided through budgetary provisions, for which funds have been provided.


163.   Sir, I intend to provide 75% reimbursement on the Group Insurance done by Goa Union of Journalist for its members. Further, I have taken due cognizance of the difficulties faced by the Photo Journalists and accordingly, I would like to reduce the limits of eligible number of years for availing benefit of camera under the scheme.


164.   Speaker sir, I have also provided ` 1 crore for implementation of wage board recommendations for the Journalists.


Public Works, Bridges & Roads

165.   Speaker Sir, my Government has taken up the work of 4 / 6 laning of NH 17 and NH 4A. The first phase consisting of Panaji – Old Goa, has been tendered and is expected to be completed by November, 2014.


166.   Sir, consultants for Khandepar and Zuari Bridge are already in place. The process of selecting consultants for Galgibag and Talpona has begun. Bridge between Betim – Panaji and fly-over at Karaswada junction has been tendered.


167.   Sir, water works through JAICA at Salaulim, through PWD at Ganjem as also at Zuarinagar, is in advance stage of execution. With this, I expect major part of the State to have 24 x 7 water supply.


168.   Sir, road infrastructure for Ponda town is in process of finalization and will be executed soon and thereby reduce the traffic congestion in the town.


Civil Aviation

169.   Speaker sir, Dabolim airport has already been upgraded to handle 4 million passengers. In order to encourage more flights to Goa and to make the Airport as an airline hub, I intend to have a Civil Aviation policy. All the airlines who have atleast 04 aircraft parked overnight at Dabolim for commencing early morning flights from Goa  shall be given the benefit of refund in the VAT collected on the ATF. The highlights of the policy is at Annexure II to the budget speech. This initiative, I am sure, will boost tourist flow to the State and help achieve the 6 million tourist target set for the year 2017.


Labour and Employment

170.   Speaker Sir, while I am reaching the end of my Budget speech, I am very much aware that unemployment and unemployability are the two biggest challenges facing the Government. Many of those who complete their graduation are pushed into the job market without any idea of the challenges they have to face. While creating employment through Investment Policy and Tourism initiatives, if a requisite qualified employable manpower is not available in the State, all the efforts will only add to the migration putting pressure on the infrastructure across the spectrum. It is in this context, that I assure the House that during the year major emphasis will be laid on ensuring that our Girls and boys are trained to become employable. However the budget speech is not the proper document for spelling out all details. I assure the House that during the Monsoon session, the details of the Policy and its execution will be laid before the House. However, I would like to mention, few of the initiatives, other than the skill development. 


171.   Speaker sir, any professional or self employed person, starts from scratch and most times has to struggle in the initial years, without a penny in his pocket. This struggle leads to desperation and with this fear many drop out or do not venture at all. In order to encourage self-employment and professional careers, I intend to support these individuals during their initial struggle period, by granting them a monthly allowance. A scheme will be devised for this purpose and an High Expert Committee will be constituted to clear the individual cases on its merits. All those who are covered under Dr. Varghese Kurien Scheme will also be eligible for the benefit.


172.   Sir, I propose to make it compulsory for each industry having employment of 100 and above, to recruit trainees’ equivalent to 5% of their strength; for whom 80% of the stipend paid will be borne by the Government, for a period of two years.


173.   Sir, under the investment policy a ‘Venture Capital Fund’ and ‘Angel Fund’ shall be created to encourage those who have initiative and capacity to take challenges to build a new enterprise through an out of box thinking.


Sir, while concluding Part A of my speech and before proceeding to Part B, I would like to say that

“Every opportunity has a difficulty

   But at the same time, every difficulty has an opportunity..”


Part – B     …      Tax Proposals

  1. Speaker Sir, I now turn towards the tax proposals for the year 2014-15. During the last financial year, our focus has been to consolidate our existing revenue collection system and improve on the enforcement and recovery mechanism. As I have highlighted in the first few paragraphs of this Speech, our efforts have yielded positive results, which has assisted my Government during the uncertainty that has been prevailing in the fiscal state of affairs of the State. The economy is quite gloomy and the local entrepreneurs are facing the brunt of it.


  1. This year too, I intend to further strengthen these efforts and provide for suitable interventions, to boost growth both for the trade as well as the revenue collection of the State. Towards this end, I propose certain measures, without burdening the tax-payer and providing the trade, who is reeling under a stagnant economy, with appropriate reliefs.


Value Added Tax

  1. Speaker Sir, as a measure of providing some relief to the dealers who have availed and availing the benefits of additional period of exemption under the Goa Value Added Tax Deferment cum Net Present Value Compulsory Payment Scheme, 2005; I propose to extend the benefits for those who have been covered by special orders of the year 2010 and 2012.  


  1. Sir, last year I had given some benefit to the Depot of Canteen Stores Department and Indian Naval Canteen Services located in Goa, by reducing the VAT liability to the extent of 50%. It is noticed that for some items there is an imbalance of Input Tax Credit (ITC) being availed and therefore, I propose to remove this difficulty by restricting the ITC to the extent of their Output liability.


  1. Sir, I propose to increase the rate of tax on tobacco and tobacco products including cigarettes and other tobacco products from 22% to 25%.


  1. Sir, I propose to revise the rates on aerated and carbonated non-alcoholic beverages other than those manufactured by Small Scale Industries to 15%.


  1. Sir, I further propose to amend the Entry at Sr. No. 69 of Schedule ‘B’ to include “PVC insulated industrial cables (1100V)”.


  1. Sir, I propose to subject the LED bulbs and tubes at tax rate of 8% as against the existing 12.5%.   


Luxury Tax

  1. Speaker Sir, considering the requests of local hospitality entrepreneurs, I propose to continue the concession at the rate of 60% of tax liability during the months of June to September of the year. 


  1. Sir, while carrying out certain amendments to the Goa Tax on Luxuries Act, 1988 in relation to tax on accommodation for commercial purposes, certain difficulties are being faced by those receiving lease rentals. I propose to revisit the relevant provisions and if required carry out necessary amendments.


  1. Sir, the Goa Tax on Luxuries Act, 1988 needs to be strengthened comprehensively and I propose to bring in amendments to cover enforcement, suspension of activity, closure of business for non-payment of tax and filing returns and provisions for payments of disputed amount as a pre-requisite for filling appeals.   


Entertainment Tax

  1. Speaker Sir, at present for large scale ticketed events the entertainment tax is levied at the rate of 25%. This charge is on the sale of ticket, which amongst the basic fare, has other freebies like free food and free liquor components which are not being covered. In some cases it is observed that invitee passes are issued without charges, and the organizer subsumes all the sponsorship in cash or kind, on such invitee passes. I therefore propose to cover all such sponsorships on all such events under the Goa Entertainment Tax Act, 1964.


Entry Tax

  1. Speaker Sir, due to a preferential tax regime in Goa, certain industries like cable manufacturers shifted their units to the State. However, last year, the entry tax on copper rods, electrolytic grade continuous cast type refined copper wire etc., used as raw material by such industries, was increased to 5%. This has lead to disparity on CST rates for inter-state sales which was resulting into a refund of the amounts collected as entry tax. Therefore, I propose to reduce the rate at 1% in Schedule I of the Goa Tax on Entry of Goods Act, 2000.


  1. Sir, it is also noticed that in view of the provision of Entry Tax, the goods imported from outside which are processed by the dealer in one of its unit, in a particular local area and even if it is used as a input in another unit, situated in different local area; the same is subjected to tax under the provisions of this Act, at a high rate of 5%. This creates an unnecessary tax burden and has a cascading effect on the prices of the end product. I therefore propose to reduce the entry tax payable on such movement of goods at a nominal rate of 0.5% from the existing 05%.


  1. Sir, one of our major revenue sources is in form of all taxes administered by Commercial Tax Department and I propose to strengthen the Commercial Tax Department, more particularly its reach to all the areas of the State during this year. I therefore propose to establish Ward Offices in coastal belt at Calangute and Colva.



  1.  Speaker Sir, to keep pace with the inflation, it is proposed to marginally increase, the Excise Duty on Indian Made Foreign Liquor and Beer other than Milk Punch and Wines manufactured in the State of Goa or imported from the rest of India or from outside India and sold in the State of Goa, so also country liquor manufactured with rectified spirit or extra neutral alcohol; as per the details provided in Annexure - A.


  1. Speaker Sir, to provide for and compensate the increase in expenditure on various Library activities in the State, I propose to increase the Library Cess payable, on various excise duties and fees, as provided under the Goa Public Libraries Act, 1993 from the existing rate of ` 1.00 to ` 1.50 per bulk litre of Indian Made Foreign Liquor, Beer and Wine manufactured, imported, sold in the State of Goa and exported outside the State of Goa.  


  1. Sir, as a policy decision of my Government, Excise Licence for retail sale of liquor in packed bottles and licence for wholesale of liquor shall be granted, only to the applicant who is a resident in the State of Goa for the last 15 years.


  1. Speaker Sir, I propose to permit additional timings for serving liquor by the retail vendors of Indian Made Foreign Liquor, Country Liquor and Foreign liquor; situated in coastal villages and within the limits of the Corporation of the City of Panaji and the Municipalities of Mormugao, Margao, Mapusa and Ponda.

For timings beyond 11.00 p.m. but not exceeding 01.00 a.m., a surcharge of ` 50,000/- in addition to the licence fee shall be charged and timings beyond 01.00 a.m. but not exceeding 4.00 a.m., a surcharge of ` 2 lakhs in addition to the licence fee and the above surcharge shall be charged.



Stamp Duty & Registration Fees

  1. Sir, last year I had revised the stamp duty on conveyances and subsequently registration fees was decreased by 01%. This year, I propose to rationalize the slabs of the registration fees on par with the ceilings prescribed for stamp duty, with minor changes, but maintaining upper slab of 08%. The proposed rates and slabs are given in Annexure - B.


  1. Sir, as per the amendment carried out to the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 (Goa Amendment, 2013), the stamp duty payable on power of attorney which is given to a promoter or developer for purpose of construction or development or sale or transfer of any immovable property, is charged at the same rate as if it is a conveyance. Doubts have been raised that it amounts to double the stamp duty, i.e. once for executing agreement for sale and the other for executing power of attorney. To do away with any doubts, I propose to revisit these amendments and carry out suitable modification with appropriate levy of minimum duty for all such cases or provide for remission in the stamp duty payable.


  1. Sir, further in the same amendment, amalgamation of two companies has been covered as a conveyance and stamp duty is payable as per the rates in force for the purpose of conveyance. Certain difficulties have arisen due to merger of small entities, belonging to the same owner or group of share holders. I propose to revisit this amendment and modify the levy by maintaining a minimum duty for all such cases and subsequently provide for remission in the stamp duty payable.


Regularisation of unauthorized houses

  1. Speaker Sir, as a one-time measure of relief,  to settle the issues of unauthorized constructions of houses, my Government proposes to bring about regulations to regularize, the houses constructed without due authority; on payment of such fees, taxes,  penalties and other charges, which will be determined as part of the regulations.


  1. Sir, this measure is for such occupants who are either owners or co-owners or holding any other occupancy rights over the said house or is having an irrevocable NOC from the owner. This is however subject to the condition that the house exists before 28th February, 2014 with conclusive documentary evidence issued by a Government Department only.


  1. Sir, this measure will also be applicable for houses situated in Government lands.


Regularisation of Alvara grant

  1. Speaker Sir, my Government also envisages a policy for regularizing of all Alvara grants as Class- I occupancy rights on payment of such fees, taxes and other charges.


Conversion Fees for special projects

  1. Speaker Sir, in cases of certain projects, like tourism and industry related, I propose to levy conversion fees on the entire plot of land and not only for the plinth area which is desired to be converted. An appropriate legislation will be enacted for this purpose.


Casino fees

  1. Speaker Sir, I propose to enhance the existing entry fee of ` 500/- charged under the Goa Entertainment Tax Act, 1964 to ` 700/- per person per day.


  1. Sir, further, I propose to levy a fee of ` 5 crores for transfer of casino license. So also I propose to revise the annual recurring fee based on the area for land based casino and the capacity of passenger alongwith crew members of offshore casino. The details are provide in the Annexure- C.


Fees for utilization of Electrical Poles

  1. Speaker Sir, as a measure of additional resource mobilization for the Electricity Department; I propose to introduce a scheme, wherein the Electricity Department poles can be utilized for stringing various types of cables as well as utilized for hanging advertisements, on payment of certain fees in form of monthly rentals. The details of the scheme will be announced shortly.



  1. Sir, it is proposed to revise the fees to ` 500/- for issue of “Authentication Certifcate” of Motor Driving License and ` 200/- for issue of status report or extract of Motor Driving License and particulars of Registration Certificate.


  1. Sir, as provided for last year, this year too, I propose to extend the exemption granted to the truck / tipper and barge owners, who were providing services for mineral ore transportation only; from payment of fees or taxes with the Transport Department and Captain of Ports Department. As and when the mining transportation activity resumes, this exemption will be withdrawn and the truck / tipper and barge owners will have to pay the dues on pro-rata basis for the remainder of the period of this year.


Charges for laying of cables and utilization of Govt. land

  1. Speaker sir, in order to avoid inconvenience to the public on account of frequent road cuttings for laying of cables, pipelines etc. and to provide a fund to reinstate, repair and maintain the damages caused to the roads, I propose to levy one time charges on cable and telecommunication companies for a laying of cables for the first time as well as levy annual recurring charges for the use of public roads.


  1. Sir, I also propose to permit cable and telecommunication  companies to install communication towers in Government property on payment of one time installation charges and annual recurring charges in addition to annual rent payable.


  1. Both the aforesaid activity will be monitored by General Administration Department as one window clearance.


  1. Purity of mind and clarity of thought, gives surety of success. Sir, I believe:

“it can be thought, it can be done….

…. and every night, certainly see the rising sun”


  1. With this I seek blessings of the people of Goa in all my endeavours and appeal to all the Members of this August House to support this Budget with a positive frame of mind. Let us all follow the message given by the great Goan Saint Sohirobanath Ambiye,

          “ अंतरीचा ज्ञानदिवा मालवू नको रे……”


Jai Hind, Jai Goem.




Annexure - A

Excise Duty / Fee Proposals


  1. 1.            Indian made foreign liquor other than milk punch, wines and beer manufactured in the State of Goa / Imported from the rest of India / imported from outside India and sold in the State of Goa for brands whose strength is below 80 U.P.


whose maximum retail price is upto ` 85/- per 750 ml.

` 17/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above ` 85/- upto   ` 160/- per 750 ml.

` 55/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above ` 160/- upto ` 225/- per 750 ml.

` 65/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above ` 225/- upto ` 385/- per 750 ml.

` 70/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above ` 385/- upto ` 570/- per 750 ml.

` 75/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above ` 570/- upto ` 840/- per 750 ml.

` 175/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above ` 840/- upto ` 1,140/- per 750 ml.

` 240/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above ` 1,140/- upto ` 1,400/- per 750 ml.

` 255/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above ` 1,400/- upto ` 1,600/- per 750 ml.

` 275/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above ` 1,600/- upto ` 1,850/- per 750 ml.

` 290/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above ` 1,850/- upto ` 2,250/- per 750 ml.

` 525/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above ` 2,250/- upto ` 3,000/- per 750 ml.

` 550/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above ` 3,020/- upto ` 5,000/-  per 750 ml.

` 1,030/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above  ` 5,000/-  upto ` 10,010/- per 750 ml.

` 1,515/- per bulk litre


Whose maximum retail price is above  ` 10,010/-  upto ` 20,010/-  per 750 ml.

` 1,750/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above  ` 20,010/-  upto ` 40,010/-  per 750 ml.

`  2,000/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above  ` 40,010/-  upto ` 80,010/-  per 750 ml.

` 2,250/- per bulk litre


whose maximum retail price is above  ` 80,010/-  upto ` 1,00,010/-  per 750 ml.

` 2,500/- per bulk litre


Whose maximum retail price is above  `1,00,010/- 

` 3000/- per bulk litre


Additional Excise Duty, whose strength is above 42.8% v/v but below 60% v/v

` 200/- per bulk litre



  1. 2.            Indian Made Foreign Liquor manufactured in the State of Goa/Imported from the rest of India/imported from outside India other than milk punch, wines and beer whose strength is above 80 U.P. and sold in the State of Goa. …

(a)  whose alcoholic strength does not exceed 5% v/v …` 17/- per bulk litre

(b)  whose alcoholic strength exceeds 5% v/v              …` 19/- per bulk litre


  1. 3.            Beer Manufactured in the State of Goa /Imported from the rest of India/ imported from outside India and sold in the State of Goa



Whose alcoholic strength does not exceed 5% v/v or 8.77% of proof spirit and whose maximum retail price is upto ` 61/- per bottle of 650 ml. 

` 16/- per bulk litre


Whose alcoholic strength does not exceed 5% v/v or 8.77% of proof spirit and whose maximum retail price is above ` 61/- per bottle of 650 ml. 

` 20/- per bulk litre


Whose alcoholic strength exceeds  5% v/v or 8.77% of proof spirit but does not exceeds 8% v.v. or 14.03% of proof spirit and whose maximum retail price is upto ` 66/- per bottle of 650 ml. 

` 22/- per bulk litre


Whose alcoholic strength exceeds   5% v/v or 8.77% of proof spirit but does not exceeds 8% v.v. or 14.03% of proof spirit and whose maximum retail price is above ` 66/- per bottle of 650 ml. 

` 30/- per bulk litre


  1. 4.            Country liquor manufactured with rectified spirit / extra neutral alcohol as a base material and / or blended thereof………….` 17/- per bulk litre.




Annexure - B


Rates of Stamp duty and Registration fees for conveyances



Stamp Duty

Registration Fees

Upto 50 lakhs


2% *

Above 50 lakhs and upto 100 lakhs



Above 100 lakhs




*Note: Registration fees for conveyances in favour of housing society will be 50% of the first slab.







Annexure - C

Annual Recurring fees for Casino

a)    Land based casino



Upto 100 sq. m.

` 2.0 crores

Above 100 sq. m. upto 300 sq. m.

` 2.5 crores

Above 300 sq. m. upto 500 sq. m.

` 3.0 crores

Above 500 sq. m.

` 4.0 crores


a)    Off shore casino

Capacity of passenger alongwith crew members


Upto 100

` 6.0 crores

Above 100 upto 200

` 6.5 crores

Above 200 upto 400

` 7.0 crores

Above 400

` 8.0 crores


















Annexure  - I

Highlights of the Investment Policy

  1. To promote sustainable investment in Goa;
  2. Targets to












create 50,000 jobs and facilitate Rs. 25,000 crore of new investment into the State in the next five years;

  1. Encourage developing high quality logistics and core infrastructure to industries;
  2. Set up an Investment Promotion Board as a ‘Statutory Nodal Authority’ for investments;
  3. A transparent interface between the Investors and the Government to simplify and quicken the investment process;
  4. Thrust areas for investment includes knowledge based industry, R&D centers and financial services, green & intelligent buildings with plug and play infrastructure.
  5. Improve the business climate for the pharmaceutical industry, introduction of degree and post-graduate courses on pharmacy to ensure local availability of a suitably skilled workforce;
  6. Setup an IT Hardware and Electronics park to encourage non-hazardous IT hardware and electronics manufacturing industries; 
  7. To Create an enabling environment conducive to investment in agro-based industry and animal husbandry activities;
  8. Incentivize agro-based industries, by allowing land use coverage of 25% in Orchard zones;
  9. Improve the key business enablers such as human capital, land, power supply, logistics infrastructure and effluent treatment;
  10. Envisages optimal allocation and utilization of land for balanced development of all regions in the state;
  11. Provide ‘Outcome based’ incentives to industry;
  12. Purport institutions of global repute interested to set up satellite stand-alone campuses in the state;
  13. A ‘Special Incentive’ for new investments, for expansion of existing units in the form in the form of VAT rebate, employment rebate and stamp duty rebate subject to companies employing minimum of 80% Goans and providing internships to local students with special emphasis in backward Taluka;
  14. Specific incentives to encourage procurement of local raw material will be specified vide modification to the ‘Incentives to encourage consumption of local raw material Scheme, 2008’;
  15. Waiver of Entry tax for a period of 5 years for all new units being set up in the thrust areas in the backward Talukas; 
  16. Continuation of Entry tax for all MSME’s;
  17. Extension of The Modified Interest Rebate Scheme-2012 (MIRS-2012) in the current industrial policy till 2018;  and
  18. Setting up an entity ‘Ventures Goa’ in association with the private sector. 























Annexure - II

   Highlights of the Civil Aviation Policy

  1. To create Dabolim Airport as an Airline Hub;
  2. To improve connectivity between Goa and other Tier II and III cities;
  3. Agreement for a minimum of three years;
  4. Park at least minimum four aircrafts at Dabolim for a minimum of 250 days in a year;
  5. Commence early morning flights to and from Goa;
  6. Airline Hub Carrier to be incentivized through reduced rate of ATF tax by way of refund;
  7. Incentives to be offered to Hub carriers to market Goa as a tourism destination; and
  8. Empowered Committee to negotiate with potential Hub Carriers.









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Thank for posting detailed budget on its site. It helps in getting informed about the latest developments in economic field by Goa government and the budget implications on the economic activity of Goa . I feel video recording could also be arranged to make it more lively and to understand the body language of the presenter to get the real content of budget proposals. The overall implications of the budget may also be posted editorial board so as to understand overall impact of the budget on Goan populace.

Mahendra Dalvi , Ponda, Goa

Nice to go through the contents of the Budget Speech. Thank you so much for uploading the same here.

Dr. Soniya Sirsat , Parra



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