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Politicos call each other impotent & pimp while Nigerians 'rule'


The ruling BJP and independent MLA Vijay Sardesai got into calling names over the issue of Nigerians, who created ruckus yesterday while the police could not control their violent action on the streets blocking the national highway.

The BJP legislators reacted sharply to Sardesai calling the government ‘impotent’ in a TV debate yesterday.

Reacting to this, industries minister Mahadev Naik today called him a pimp of the Congress party.

(The actual word used by Sardesai was ‘hizado’ while Naik used the word ‘badavo’.)

Sardesai used the word while referring to the chief minister criticizing the public, who bashed up the Nigerians at Porvorim when the police could not control them.

“This behavior of the government neither lacked masculine firmness nor feminine astuteness and hence could be classified as one between the two. Introspecting on this reaction, I am now forced to conclude that my inference could demean those of the gender that excludes males and females and hence I regret the same and am in search of an apt category in the dictionary, which would indicate a lower level of firmness and astuteness than even of the neuter gender,” Sardesai stated in the press note.

He felt that this is not the time to demand chief minister’s resignation and offered his co-operation in arresting the drug trade menace and making Goa ‘drug and prostitution free.’

The Fatorda MLA also appealed to all the Goans to unite across party lines to rid our state of this incursion and support the government in the much belated cleansing action.

However, he also wondered “if the nexus of ruling politicians with the drug/prostitution trade still exists even one and a half years after the BJP has come to power.”

The BJP MLAs however took Sardesai head on at a press conference, calling him pimp of the Congress and demanded the assets he has accumulated during Congress regime, from 2007 to 2012.

Meanwhile, NCP vice president Trajano D’Mello also said today that “the murder of a Nigerian and its fallout has exposed the ‘impotency’ of the Home Minister in controlling Law and Order in the State.”

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Vijay Sardessai is a leach who will suck blood out of a dead body.

Jesu , Goa

A few comments here seem to miss the point.

This incident has to be looked at in its true real sense rather than generalisations.

In this particular incident the Nigerians have acted irresponsibly and dis-tastefully and their actions thereafter verge on the unacceptable.

Removing a dead body( cadaver) from a Hearse Van, throwing it by the roadside disrespectfully and preventing the Police accompanying the van from discharging their duty and manhandling them ( as seen in Videos) is unacceptable behaviour in any Society.

Holding a highway to ransom and preventing people going on with their lawful business is an act of criminality.

Nothing has prevented or deterred the Nigerians for lodging a complaint or dissatisfaction with the appropriate authorities.

Instead, probably drugged up to the hilt , they took in upon themselves to conduct their behaviour in a "savage" like manner.

Also to be blamed equally for this behaviour are the Goa Government's of all Political persuasions and its Politicians who are known to be extremely corrupt. For too long they have been ignoring the sentiments & serious concerns of its citizens in relation to the drug trade and the main players. One of the major players in this trade are the Nigerians.

It is rather sad, when the Good & law abiding Nigerians in Goa have to be cast & tainted in the same light as the bad Nigerian guys.

Statistically speaking, it could be said that 99% of Nigerians in Goa are not here to study, but are well known to conduct nefarious activities & scams.

Sadly too, Goa`s Politicians and Police also work in cahoots with these criminal's.

It is time the Goa Governments, it Dirty Politicians & woeful Police listened to the Voices & concerns of their citizens, rather than their "own sweet voices".!!

n , UK

It is no use pointing fingers at others. Please remember that when you point out one finger at others, three fingers point at yourself.

Politicians are exceedingly good at passing the buck.

All the politicians of Goa seem to be equally or partly responsible for this mess of foreigners overstaying in our state for long periods without proper documents.

Corruption always percolates from top to down. BJP is in power for quite some time and cannot wash it's hand saying this is legacy of the Congress.

Let this incident be the eye opener . This is the time for all to help our CM to put things in order.

Instead of indulging in blame games, help the CM to clean the state of all foreigners staying in Goa without proper documents - it is not only Nigerians - there must be many more of various nationalities.

CM may also kindly look at this from all the angles. There could be some black sheep in the ruling party also.

People need to support the CM to clear this mess of foreigners without proper documents/overstaying or indulging in drugs menace so that all Goans can live in peace.

Francisco , Goa