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Goa's "section" always oppose national projects: Khalap


Ramakant Khalap speaking at pro-Mopa meeting

Opposition to Mopa air port by a section of people is traditional opposition to any kind of national project coming up in Goa, former union law minister and Congress leader Ramakant Khalap has accused.

While his Congress party has jumped on a fence on the issue, Khalap yesterday came out openly in support of Mopa air port.

Along with him, other political party leaders also came out in support of People for Mopa International Airport (PMIA), at a public meeting held in Mandrem.

The fifth public meeting of PMIA was also attended by MGP leader Shridhar Manjrekar and Shiv Sena leader Ramesh Naik, besides local panchayat leaders.

As declared earlier, the meeting was also addressed by Mopa panch Ashok Parab and former Sarpanch Jayprakash Parab.

Khalap made a scathing attack on those opposing Mopa air port, stating that they have neither nationalistic feelings nor respect for Indian Navy.

“They use insulting language like Kick out Navy”, he said.

These are the same sections which had also opposed Konkan Railway project, he reminded, calling it a curse on Goa.

Shiv Sena’s Goa Chief Ramesh Naik appealed to Pernem people not to rest till the work of Mopa air port begins.

Former sarpanch and Harmal Panch Daniel D’Souza warned the people opposing Mopa not to break the silence of Pednekar.

PMIA Convenor Devendra Prabhudesai, Vasant Shetgaonkar, Shivprasad Joshi and Adv N Chodankar also spoke at the meeting.

Zilla Panchayat member Srimati Manjrekar also expressed her support to Mopa air port. 

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Can Mr. Khalap tell all Goans what prevented him to develop this part of Goa when he was in the ruling MG Party ? Moreover he was the MLA representing them for many years.Or even when he joined Congress for his progress ? Mr. Khalap,You have been a traitor of Goans all your life and even your white hair fail you to bring you to your senses.

A.Pinto , Olaulim

Mopa will not only close the Dabolim Airport but also Mopa will make Goans to go hungry with the Drought which will occur by losing the fertile land and farmers. Mopa will take huge fertile land, which will be very bad for Goa. The tragedy happened to the people of Khedernath can happened to the people of Goa, if Mopa starts. Stop Mopa. Save Goa.

John Ferns , Goa

Jayram Sawant , Sawantwadi::::

I can assure you that Goans do not have an issue with Maharashtra or Maharastrians, whether they live in Goa or Abroad.

Many Goans live happily in Maharastra in places like Mumbai/Pune. & elsewhere.

As you are aware Goa became a State of India and has been so for 50 years +.

Goa is divided on linguistically(language) speaking lines . The north has mostly Marathi speakers while the South is mainly Konkani.

However in Goa we also have a rather diminished, untrustworthy,corrupt Political Party called MGP.

They are hell bent in creating divisions& dis-harmony . amongst Goans...more or less for their personal & Political gains.

While Goans have moved into the 21st Century , The MGP are still languishing & still cruising in in the 20th.

In conclusion, I would doubt very much you personally, as a proud Maharastrian,would like Maharastra to merge with the Punjab or any other bordering State.

Similarly ,we Goans would prefer to retain our unique identity, multiculturalism and religious harmony.

As for the MGP Party & its corrupt politicians & supporters , they can always "hitch a ride to nowhere".

I am glad you mention that you & many others in your State are not aware of MOPA airport being proposed as a New Airport for Goa.

However Adv. Ramakant Khalap believes this Airport is a NATIONAL cause,neccessity & in the interest of the Republic of India & believes Goans are "anti-nationals" for preferring to retain the current Airport due to the limited space in Tiny Goa.

N.Fernandes , London

I am Maharashtrian from Sawantwadi area. I don't understand why the Goans-abroad-people are abusing Maharashtra and Maharashtrians all the time for their own problems and issues.

Remember this is India. No state can gobble or annex any other state by force or otherwise. So learned folks, think twice and take a deep breath before you hit the enter key on your keyboard. Stop blaming us, most of us are not even aware that there is going to be a new airport in Goa.

Jayram Sawant , Sawantwadi

Khalap, Mr Clean, If things were not done out of greed, people would have not and will not oppose projects.

Jose Pereira , Goa

It seems like the MGP Party in Goa is in the habit of producing a few "MADCAPS".

No wonder, it now has less than a handful of MLA`s .They can be counted on the fingers of just one hand.

Recently , trying to rock the Political boat ,we have Vishnu Wagh.

Mr Wagh has not realised, that he won the St Andre Constituency by fluke and not out of popularity.

Now he is followed by a Pantomime, "Dotor "Dolittle" A.k.a. Dotor Ramakant Khalap

As far as I am aware and so too every other Goan , Political Parties in the Goa Legislature oppose each other and if necessary protest & take out street morchas on various schemes and issues. I guess these acts are not "TRADITIONAL" in Goa`s Democracy.

Now I wonder, if Dr. Dolittle,while claiming to be a functional Politician , has insulated himself from dis-agreeing with his opponents policies as It is not in his "traditional " values.

Now as far as I know, every "salt of the earth" & "son of the soil" Goan is aware that Dotor Khalap is Anti-Goan & two faced.

Dotor Khalap may claim to be Goan.

But every Goan will bet their last paisa or even "Char annas" that he is more Maharastrian parading himself as a Goan to suit his back pockets.

Goans ,bar a few that are easily swayed by a few sweet words and promises do not trust Dotor Khalap.

As far as many Goans(or the bulk of them) are concerned, Dotor Khalap has now become another MGP Tiatrist.

His raves & rants, have some comedic value.

N.Fernandes , London

Goans who are opposing M.O.P.A MAHARASHTRA OCCUPIED PEOPLE'S AIRPORT (ON gOA LAND) ARE ALL ANTI- GOA's RUINNING destroying POLITICIANS (khalap included)> Khalap one hand is in the pocket Shivering?????? He nevers bothers of Pernem Development it is just the excuse.

Filipe Dias , UAE

Terms like 'kick out the Navy' should not be used because the Indian Navy is our own but in general, people are not against the Navy as such. What many people think is quite rational and not at all against our own Navy.

Since Navy got a big 'Sea bird' base at Karwar, it is very easy for the Navy to shift to their new base which is very close to Goa and Dabolim airport which was formerly not with the Defence, can be exclusively used for civilian traffic to cater to the growing air traffic in Goa, as a tourist destination.

Opposing Mopa does not make people anti-national.

Khalap is wrong is terming those who oppose Mopa airport as 'anti-national'.

Francisco , Goa

During language agitation Khalap was bitten by dog for speaking with the dog in Marathi instead of Konkani. This time he likely get bitten by human (Goenkar) Pednnekar for fooling them and Goenkars with bogus developement. Development will be done only in the properties brought by him and other politicians. Time for him to retire from politics and take sanyas in Maharashtra take along Trajan D" mello with you. This man/ Khalap wants to merge Goa with Mahashtra ???? MGP blood still running within him with Congress label... Shame Shame..

Goa may have got connected to India by Konkan Railway but tell me Kahalap is there peace in Goa?????!!!!!! All migrant culprits are arrested at Railways stations. Development that bring peace is needed in Goa and not destruction of Goa /Goans. I hope you read this.. Natural fool think of Canacona people how long will them take to reach Mopa. In fact it is a curse have Politicians like Khalap in Goa. Anti Goan. Being a lawyer if a cannot convince people dont confuse them. You are unfit to be an MP as gain. pOLITICIANS LIKE U HAVE REALLY DESTROYED GOA.

Filipe Dias , UAE

Since when has the demand/request for an Airport at Mopa excliusively Goan Political Parties become a burning "NATIONAL" issue?

I am yet to see agitations or protests by Citizens /people from other States in India demanding an Airport in "Little Goa".

I am yet to see a debate, in Both Houses of Parliament in New Delhi.

They should sideline the Mining issue & take up the MOPA issue instead.

Should I wait and see, 1.2 billion Indians waving posters demanding an airport in Goa.? ...or is this not an PAN-Indian "Tradition" ( but reserved & practised by Goans only)?.

I must admit, that I am highly bemused to learn today, by someone calling himself a Learned Advocate...that Protests are a very GOAN TRADITION.

I am yet to see Indian News dailies & mediums bring this issue into the NATIONAL mainstream & consciousness.

Is Mr Ramakant Khalap , a Member of a decaying & by-gone era Political Party, able to expand on this.

N.Fernandes , London

Goa`s well known FOSSIL (well past his best before date! ),Ramakant Khalap comes alive once again.

Is it Democratically "INCORRECT", to oppose National Projects that Locals feel are a detriment ?.

Is it "IMPROPER", for people to feel concerned.

Is it "IMPRUDENT" for people to feel that these National Projects are concocted/devised to benefit the Corrupt Politicians.

Will he consider himself as one of these Politicians,.. or is he too angelic for such an accusation.?

Is Mr Khalap too blind to notice, that Goa`s basic infrastructure like schools, roads, Hospitals,Police stations etc are crumbling and need more attention.

In the National interest ,would Mr Khalap permit a Garbage Dump ,Sewerage works or even a Mining dump to come up near his residence? I bet he does !!

In the National Interest ,would Mr R Khalap be happy to have a Grand slum-Dwelling, surround his Mansion? I bet he does!!

Goans for too long have listened to the "NATIONAL HUMBUG" promoted by these so called Politicians.

The Bridges in Goa are crumbling.

The Tillari water project has crumbled.

The Konkan Railway has increased crimes and slums in Goa.

I doubt , Mr Khalap is an expert on Airports. Every Goan must question & oppose his "Ulterior Motives".

Every Democratic Country in the world as far as I know opposes certain Projects. I am not sure how Mr Khalap can claim this "traditionally" is a Goan Phenomenon.

Isn`t Mr Khalap aware that opposition is "Universal" (not Traditional).What is his purpose of using such language?

Goans respect the Indian Navy. But they cannot allow it to expand in the limited space Goa has as a State . Goa`s land area is not infinite .

A purpose built Base at Karwar exists. Why not shift there? Surely that is in the National Interest too

Does Mr Khalap have a tangible reason as to why the Navy will not move to Karwar? I bet he does!!

What I also "bet" is that if 500 dwellers...specially Non -Goan built a SLUM around his house or propose to do so...he too will be shouting...disrespectfully... "KICK THEM OUT" .

N.Fernandes , London

well done khalap. some people here always display allergy to the word "indian". some say they are goans and some say they are hindus only. its good to see there are others like you who are proud to be indian.

Shiv , Aldona



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