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Only Dabolim, if Navy goes to Mopa: CM


CM Parrikar at opening of Cavelossim police outpost

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has thrown a googley on the air port controversy, stating that he is prepared to give land of Mopa air port free to the Navy, provided they shift Dabolim naval base to Mopa.

“I can have only Dabolim as a civilian air port, but then the Navy has to move out to expand it in order to meet the futuristic requirements of Goa”, said Parrikar while talking to media in Margao today.

The recent rally held in Margao by ‘Goans Only for Dabolim’ (GOD) has literally shaken up the BJP-led coalition government, which is presently in good terms with the Church.

The movement in Salcete and Cortalim is led by Fr Eremito Rebello and is gaining tremendous response from many priests, giving an impression that it has a hidden blessing of the Church.

The chief minister said he did not mind keeping only Dabolim air port as a civilian air port if the Navy agrees to shift to Mopa.

“I will give them Mopa land free”, he said.

However, he did not forget to state that the Navy will never move out from Dabolim and expecting this is an unrealistic assessment.

Parrikar also assured that all the charter flights will land only at Dabolim even after Mopa air port becomes operational.

The CM also admitted that the work on Mopa would begin only after the Environmental Impact Assessment is completed, which takes one full year assessing the situation in all the seasons of the year.

He once against dismissed the presumption that Dabolim air port would be closed down after Mopa comes up.

“Keeping Dabolim operational is a precondition we will include while inviting RFQ tenders”, he said.

Responding to the demand made by GOD that all the acquisition proceedings of Mopa land be stopped, Parrikar said all the stages of land acquisition for Mopa air port are already complete.

He also pointed out that the four and six lane highways in Goa, including the one connecting Mopa to the rest of Goa, would be complete before Mopa air port comes up.

Parrikar also charged Churchill Alemao and Vijay Sardesai as double standard politicians.

“Churchill was part of the cabinet and Vijay was the general secretary of the party when the Congress government and their party had decided to go ahead with Mopa air port”, he reminded.

“Such people should be thrown out of politics”, he felt. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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I do see any reason for Mr. Parrikar to give alternate place for the Navy at MOPA in Goa. Does he not know that the Navy is occupying the airport illegally ? The only place for them to move is Sea Bird project at Karwar which is hardly 60 kms away from Dabolim. Ratio wise the land occupied by the defence forces is very high compared to the rest of India. If at all the defence personnel wants to occupy our land in Goa its not for security of Goa or our country , but it severs them as a holiday destination. And who is Parrikar to tell Goans that they will not move out of Dabolim. They will have to. If Mr. Chandrababu Naidu from Andhra Pradesh can tell the defence to shift their base, and which they did; why can't we Goans do the same. We do not have boarders with other countries anyway.

A.Pinto , Olaulim

It is unlikely that the CM Parrikar is being sincere, especially with his constant U-Turns.

He is not known for this human Value. No Politician is known for this value of sincerity either.

Politicians have rather large egos, and are more keen to please their Party men & their own dogmas than ordinary citizens.

Parrikar is more likely to play mind games with Goans, the opposition and his detractors....believing they are all fools in comparison to him. It is his style & his methodology.

Even the Union Government, is under attack from him. The Science of this is simple...Mr Parrikar always knows best.

He is never wrong. After God, he views himself as the next "Almighty".

He throws out a challenge to everyone, proving only he knows best. and when he gets bitten back or is In the process of getting burnt, retracts and changes his STANCE.

A majority of Goan Citiziens, rich or poor, upper class or lower class, all believe that Mopa is a Mega Land scam perpetrated by Politicians ,having an insider knowledge(or privy) of Major Government schemes/Projects.

Every Politician in Goa knows where the next big Government Project will come up. With this knowledge in hand, many start purchasing Land as a speculation.(Future investment) and money making racket.

Mauvin Godinho is a prime suspect of this advance knowledge, using his brother Wilson as a front man to cover his dirty tracks..

Using the RTI, many activists, News agencies & ordinary Goans have revealed all those Politicians(of both Parties) & their relatives, that have purchased Land in & around Mopa.

Can the CM Parrikar publish all the names of the Politicians that have purchased Land in/around Mopa from the date the Project was announced or on the anvil?.

I would think Mr Parrikar is hardly likely to do so, as many of his own Party men like Laximikant Parsekar(his right hand man or no. 2 or 3) are heavily involved in these Land Grabbing scams for their persona benefit.

If Mr Parrikar acts against his Party men, he will surely be out of a job.

The CM has never had any viable or sincere consultation with the Navy nor any negotiations with them about shifting from Dabolim. So it is quite bizzare for him to now state that he will give them Land free in Mopa if they are prepared to shift.

There is a simple phrase(idiom) that describes this: "If you don't ask, you don't/never get" ...or "nothing ventured ,nothing gained..

It is but, simple common sense, that most world Armies/Naval bases are not/never located in highly populated or civilian areas. They are usually located on the outskirts.

Mr Parrikar should encourage the Navy to shift to Mopa, a marginally populated area.

The Navy could also have modern strategic facilities there.

In a recent tv debate, Mr Vasudev Deshprabhu ( a slightly demented, ill-educated & corrupted soul in my view) stated that Mopa is for India. Isn`t the Indian Navy also for All India? .

His views in this debate were what one would call "Pure Nonsense". What an embarrassment to his educational levels.

N.Fernandes , London

Forget double-standards.....the whole evil Alemao family has absolutely no Standards.

It is only money that makes this family.. not morals or human values.

Kissing Holy pictures or the Bible, in reverence and at every given public opportunity, and then terrorising/bullying/extorting everyone that comes in their way or looting what belongs to every Goan is certainly not Standard.

The Alemaos` have sold their souls to the devil. The only reason they have any followers/supporters, is their ability to give away easy money, looted/stolen, from Goa & Goans.

Perhaps when Churchill appears in Court, as promised by Mr Parrikar, then all their evil deeds will be revealed.

95% of Goans would like to see this family tried, prosecuted an jailed for their evil deeds.

A public hanging of this Buffon called Churchill would be an option to consider.

I am sure the Governor Mr Wanchoo will come to regret the day he shook hands with this tainted & evil-doer on his Birthday.

Looks like Churchill Alemao thought the Governor Wanchoo was the Holy Pope, at he way he kissed his hands on his recent Birthday.

Churchill should remember that the Governor will not be able to pardon his crimes against humanity(Goans).

N.Fernandes , London

Some politicians are adopting double standard. All this time, they were quiet on Mopa (in fact supported Mopa airport) and now they are trying to instigate people.

It is unrealisting to expect the Navy move out from Dabolim to Mopa but the Navy can be moved to their new Sea Bird base coming up in Karwar.

Common people are worried for their livelihood. People know that assurances given today can be changed tomorrow because governments keep on changing.

The best solution would be to convince the Defence Ministry to move Navy to Karwar.

Only the Defence Ministry can move Navy out of Dabolim. Congressmen should convince Congress leaders ruling in Delhi to do this.

In case of emergency i.e. in war time, Dabolim can be given for exclusive use of the Navy, in national interest..

People should beware of certain politicians who shift their stand frequently like chameleons.

Francisco , Goa



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