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Govt divided as MGP supports local language at primary level


Congress-led Goa government today stood divided over the issue of Medium of Instruction (MOI) with one of its coalition partner warning government against English as MIO.

Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP), which is represented by two of its legislators in the ruling coalition, on Saturday said that they will not allow English language to be recognized as MOI or even English school be given grant or any kind of financial assistance.

Several Congress legislators including Education Minister Atanasio Monserrate have openly proclaimed their support for English as MOI by participating in the rally, last week.

MGP’s Working President Narayan Sawant told a news conference that the party and its legislators support Konkani and Marathi as MOI. “We will continue our support even at the cost of losing ministerial berth in the state government,” he said.

The educationists, teachers and parents in Goa are divided over the MOI issue. While parents including Goa Church’s Diocesan Society of Education are batting for English as MOI, there is another group which says elementary education should only be in local languages.

“Many people are attracted towards English that does not mean we should support it with grants,” Sawant said adding that MGP has always been professing regional languages as MOI.

MGP’s Treasurer Apa Teli said that the party’s both the legislators – including Transport Minister Ramakrishna Dhavalikar, will oppose any move to thrust English as MOI.

He said that the party supports a joint front – Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM), which has decided to launch an agitation opposing English as MOI. The BBSM has organized a massive rally on April 6 at Panaji.

“MGP will mobilize the crowd for the rally. We are willing to support the BBSM,” Teli said.

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To Ramponkar::: I can only surmise that they(MGP) have stayed in Goa to do a bit of looting.

In order to conduct their looting they need to have an agenda.

With an agenda they have followers.These followers just want Goa to be a "NAGAR" in Maharastra.

N.Fernandes , London

N. Fernandes & Vishwas prabhudesai ... Well said are these MGP trying to merge Goa again to Maharasthra, they have only 2 seats and this will also vanish for the next elections. They are living in Goa and using maharasthra name? Quiet interesting they do not shift their base to Maharasthra?

Ramponkar , Goa

Vshwas Prabhudesai:::I guess thee Maharastrawadi "Gone case" Party are hoping that the ancient Maharata Army from the comic epics will one day Invade Goa.

I guess these Party Members are still living in delusional hope.

N.Fernandes , London

Now that the merger of Goa with Maharashtra has been refused and settled once for all---what is the logic behind continuing the old name of MGP ?? Has the name not lost its justification and relevance.? Or are we still dreaming of the merger...?

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

To Anthony Crasto:::

I think every normal thinking person knows Goa Is not the "Land " of the English.

Are you narrowly suggesting that Konkani or Marathi are not communicating Languages .

There is a huge difference in Communicating in a language and "APPLICATION " of a Language.

I guess that you "apply" Marathi or Konkani only in your work environment.

Just remember , you have applied English in making this comment on Goanews and have also applied your English Education ( by whichever means your learnt it) to be able to read it.

English unlike Marathi or Konkani has to be learnt in Goa.It is not a common day to day spoken or heard language.

I personally feel that all 3 mediums must be given fair funding.

N,Fernandes-London , London

Goans have to decide about the language.all ministers are corrupt they just want shift the shadow from corruption to language issue.cause they are afraid regarding the cores of rs in Swiss bank

Socorro , Hamburg

This is not new from MGP they are always Traitor's first they wanted to merge goa into Maharashtra,then they wanted to make marathi as a official language of goa.Now this mess.No parents in goa want to neglect konkanni every one need konkanni as compulsory subject from first standard it self but english as a MOI.So why is the hype.

Frank , Margao

Goa is not the land of the English and in no way it should be a MOI, its just a language of communication.

Anthony Crasto , Chennai

This is interesting that the elections are approaching and the issue of medium of instruction have crop us. There should be MOI for english which is recognised world wide and konkanni as official language from primary school. The MGP crab and Baba Ramdev Xacuti and BJP pav bhaji what they will understand.

Ramponkar , Goa



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