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Sanatan Sadhak had plans of 5 bomb blasts: NIA


The 11 Sadhak of Sanatan Saunstha had a plan to make bomb blasts in five different places throughout Goa, just not in Margao and Sancoale, on the eve of Diwali during Narakasur Vadh competition last year.

The chargesheet filed by the National Investigation Agency reveals some startling facts unearthed by the investigation agency. 

However, the chargesheet appears to be a provisional one as it was filed since the legal limit of 180 days was expiring. The NIA however has clarified that their investigations would continue.

The most shocking part of it is that all the 11 accused had a plan to plant bombs in five different places at the night of Narakasur competition.

The chargesheet states : " ... in order to accomplish the object of criminal conspiracy hatched by them (all 11 accused), they decided to plant the IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) at 05 places of Goa on the day of Narkasur Vadh effigy competition i.e. on 16/10/2009...."

The chargesheet however is totally silent on which are these three other places, besides Margao and Sancoale.

Secondly, the facts in the chargesheet indicate that Malgonda Patil and Yogesh Naik, who died in Margao while taking out the bomb from the scooter, were not the prime accused. The prime accused are Vinay Talekar and Vinayak Patil. They are still alive and in the custody of NIA.

As per the chargesheet, "...and in the process they formed two groups, one consisting of deceased accused Malgonda Patil and deceased accused Yogesh Naik... at Margao and another group consists of Vinay Talekar and Vinayak Patil for planting the IEDs at Sancoale and other 03 places on 16/10/2009."

It means the arrested duo was supposed to plant bombs in altogether four places, but succeeded in planting it only in one truck, which went from Ponda to Sancoale for the Narakasur competition.

Though no other details in this regard have been disclosed in the chargesheet, it says that Vinayak has now  told the NIA that he threw away the gelatine sticks packed in plastic bottle from Borim bridge. They were intended for the blast.

Yet another fact that has come to light in the chargesheet is that the Sadhak of Sanatan Saunstha had also intended to target the government, besides the Narakasur Vadh competition organisers, participants and the general public that included innocent children, women and men.

The chargesheet has not elaborated on the aspect of targeting the government, though it states: "(they) assembled IEDs at the residence of Laxmikant Naik (brother of Yogesh) at Talalulim, Ponda, Goa and discussed about the actions to be taken against the Government, Organisers and Participants and Viewers of Narakasur Vadh competition, which according to them are against Hindu Religion and Practices."

Though the word ‘government' has not elaborated upon, chief minister Digambar Kamat was sitting on the dais of Solid Party, the organisers of the Narakasur Vadh competition in Margao. He could have been killed if the bomb had exploded at the competition site. Fortunately, before reaching the municipal garden, the bombs got exploded while taking it out from the scooters of these Narkasur - the Sadhak of Sanatan Saunstha.

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Dear Viswas,

I feel that there is nexus between Politicians and criminal that’s where criminals feel that they will get away with whatever wrong doings they will do and more often then not this feeling comes true.

Purushottam , Ponda

Why are the criminals not afraid to commit crimes? May be the main reason is they are no more scared of the judicial system and the law enforcing system in this country mainly because of the delay in the process and the political interference! Crores of cases pending for decades and taking twenty or more years on an average is ridiculous and has no justification whatsoever! The corrupt politicians have been clever enough to divert the attention of the public on unimportant flimsy issues! That too the powerful and influential are able to twist the case in their favour! The media too is controlled by the same people who are enjoying power! Where is this country going? Or will it collapse in violence caused by Naxalism, Maoism, communal clashes etc?

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

After reading this article, why one cannot doubt that the Sanatan Saunstha may have also been involved in these terrorist activities? How can one believe (Mr. Kamat) that the saunstha is purely a spiritual organization and invite myself, Shekhar, Vishwas Prabudesai, Jane, Joe etc to visit the organization? Quite a lot of hindi movies have depicted these type of Saunsthas of what they show to be and inwardly what they really are. Here we have evidence of deadly and dastard deeds of Sanatan members, yet there are some who still talk only about the spirituality of Sanatan Saunstha. According to the news in the above article, it is confirmed that the members of the saunstha are involved in terrorism which in other words is a war against the country (India). There is no difference between Ajmal Kasab +his group and the members of Sanatan Saunstha. One has to open his eyes and brains while reading the above article and the whole truth will appear before one’s eyes – Menino (Valpoi)

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain