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NIA chargesheets 11 accused in Margao blast, but not Sanatan


The National Investigation Agency has finally filed its chargesheet, naming 11 persons, in the Margao and Sancoale bomb blast cases that took place on 16 October, the eve of Diwali, last year.

All the 11 accused belong to the Hindu outfit Sanatan Saunstha. The chargesheet however does not implicate the organization.

In a 4000-page chargesheet filed before District and Sessions court of Margao today morning, the NIA has charged the accused under sections 120 (B), 121 (A), 122, 123, 427 of the Indian Penal Code read with 16, 17, 18, 23 of unlawful activities (prevention) act and 3, 4 and 5 of the Explosive Substance act.

Section 120-B deals with criminal conspiracy while section 121 deals with waging war against Government of India.

The blast that took place at Margao had killed two sadhak of Sanatan -  Malgonda Patil and Yogesh Naik - while carrying the bombs on a scooter in Margao. Live bombs were also recovered at Sancoale near Vasco the same night.

It was obvious that the accused were planning to plant bombs at Narkasur killing competitions, where thousands of people, including women and children, had gathered for a celebration.

Chief minister Digambar Kamat was sitting on the dais in Margao, where the bomb exploded hardly 300 metres away.

S Vijayanand, SP of NIA, told reporters today morning at the court premises that besides six persons chargesheeted, five more are absconding. The six included two accused, who died on the spot.

Vinay Talekar, Vinayak Patil, Dhananjay Ashtekar and Dilip Mangaonkar were later arrested by the police. They also belong to Sanatan Saunstha.

The court had last week released on bail Talekar and Patil as the NIA had failed to file the chargesheet even after keeping them in custody for 180 days, meaning six months.

The absconding accused are Prashant Juvekar, Sarang Akolkar, Jayaprakash alias Anna, Rudra Patil and Prashant Ashtekar. Incidentally, the absconding accused also belong to Sanatan Saunstha.

The NIA however has not succeeded to establish any link between the Sadhak involved in the criminal conspiracy and the Saunstha.

The special investigation team of Goa police had earlier conducted the probe. It was then taken over by the NIA on 5 November after it emerged that the conspiracy behind the blasts had its trail also in Maharashtra and Karnataka, besides Goa.

The court is expected to examine around 250 witnesses during the trial. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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The guilty should be severely punished irrespective of which organization or party he belongs! The common man should never fall prey to the tactics of the corrupt politicians to divert the attention from burning issues like corruption, price rise, naxalism, maoism,growing crimes, robberies, rapes, drug trafficking, mining menace, black money in swiss banks, terrorism, etc etc.

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

Any person who is a member of any organization is himself/herself the ORGANIZATION. If Virendra Marathe is a member of Sanatan Saunstha then he is SANATAN SAUNSTHA. Organizations are not abstract. Hope Mr Kamat understands the logic behind my above explanation.

Jane De Sa , Margao Goa

Kamat let me tell you something. There is difference between a college and an organization. A college is an universal institution for different categories of people to get educated whereas an organization is a small corporate made up of a few individuals as its members. College has educational laws whereas organizations have their own personal laws. So do not compare your Sanatan to any college or school or educational institution. In organizations they have definite rules and if any activity is undertaken it is only approval of all organization (all its members) whereas in colleges each student can take his own independent decision. I hope you understand the difference between a college and organization. You are inviting intellectuals who understand the deception of your so called Sanatan Saunstha and have written well in exposure of their real and inner activities. My dear naïve fellow listen if these guys are saying they don’t support such activities it is just a LIE. Inwardly the whole organization is involved in this gruel some act. Just because they are exposed and caught they are trying to wash their hands. As many commentators have said below this is just a disguise to distract the public in another direction and carry out their nefarious activities in the other direction. And I can most certainly say that you are foolish to believe them or otherwise you must be involved with them it looks the way you defend the organization.

Joseph Noronha , Mapuca Goa

Sanatan will never support any unlawful act. That's why from day one Sanatan had condemned the blast & those suspected to be involved in the blast. Sanatan had always adopted peaceful means in curbing malpractices by giving memorandum to officials, creating awareness among the people about any type of malpractice etc. and all this is done by taking proper permission from the concerned authorities.

If some students from any Institution indulge in anti- social activity then it will be wrong to hold the teachers, Headmaster or the management responsible for their unlawful act. On the same lines, if 10 out of over 10 thousand members of any organization indulge in any unlawful activity then the organization cannot be held responsible. Since last 20 years Sanatan has organized countless number of social and spiritual activities free of cost for the betterment of the Society.

It is easy to say Ban the organization , but it is equally difficult to go to doorsteps and Educate people. Sanatan is doing this since 1990. Sanatan organizes Spiritual Classes and discourses for people of all religions and all ages. Bal_sanskar classes are organized for Children. Lectures and workshops on topics like Stress Management, Moral Values, Spirituality etc. are organized in schools, colleges, Police stations, Banks , likewise in all Institutions and Private and government offices. More than 1 lakh 50 thousand copies of books in more than 10 languages on Spirituality and Righteousness ( Dharma) have been published and distributed by the Sanstha. Seekers of all religions and caste are following and practicing the teachings of Sanatan Sanstha all over the world including United Kingdom of Great Britain, US, Canada, UAE, Australia, Mauritius etc.

For all those who oppose Sanatans teachings….. can visit Sanatan Ashram at Ramnathi and see and understand the activities of Sanatan. This is an open invitation especially to Mr.Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain, Mr. Shyam Sawant , Ponda Goa, Mr. Joe Rebello , Panjim, Mr. Shekhar , Panaji Goa, Mr. vishwas prabhudesai , loliem ….please do visit Sanatan Ashram and then decide by yourself.

S Kamat , Madgao, Goa

Real Shame! It is awful and cowardly act of killing innocent people by terrorizing. Using bombs and other arsenal to kill! It is more awful to see that quite many of our Goans, even educated ones, cannot see through deception. I would like to ask those who favour these organizations: WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE COMMENTED IF SOMEONE DEAR TO YOU HAD DIED IN THAT BLAST? WOULD YOUR COMMENTS HAVE BEEN SAME?

Creating spiritual organizations, as an under cover to carry out these dastardly deeds is unthinkable. Yet some of our people don’t seem to get reality in their minds as yet.

Such organizations are like books with beautiful covers to fool those who judge books by covers.

Please dear people of Goa and specially those of the sect, who just fall prey to such people and their false propaganda, come to your senses and act now. Keep away from such organizations that teach to kill and who themselves kill without even thinking who they are killing. These are unscrupulous people; they don’t have a conscience, a heart and love for anybody – Menino (Valpoi)

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

Mr. Kamat I am a Hindu like you. Could you please tell me what spitituality you are talking about? Is bombing and killing a spiritualitt? Do spiritual organizations carry out such activities? Don't make me laugh by your comment and do not try to balme the congres for the anti social activities of your so called (Un)spiritual organization. It is clear cut that the Sanatan saunstha is neck deep involved in terrorism and the the NIA has gone out of way to protect it by giving a clean chit, I do not know under whose pressure.

Shyam Sawant , Ponda Goa

Hello Mr. Kamat, open your eyes wide and see. All the culprits or terrorists belong to the Sanatan Saunstha. I do not think without the knowledge of the saunstha they will be doing something on their own. this is totally impossible and illogical even to say so. My dear there are lot of terrorists operating in the name of religious establishments to hide their nefarious activities. Are you trying to pull wool over the eyes of the public? or are you also a member of the saunstha or a sympathiser of the saunstha? Do you think people are fools to believe what you have commented? Every accused in this case belongs to the sanatan saunstha which is clear proof of the involvement of the sanatan saunstha in terrorism. Just don't give any clarification regarding the innocence of the sanatan saunstha. How can NIA give a clean chit when only its members are involved in this act? If the NIA has given a clean chit I am sure it would be under pressure to protect Dhavlikar and his family. This is India and it's democracy!

Joe Rebello , Panjim

Sanatan Sanstha is a Spiritual organization and will never indulge in any type of conspiracy. The NIA report has given a clean Chit to sanatan. This has also shut mouths of all those who were targeting Sanatan. It is not just Sanatan which has been targeted , but this is a conspiracy of Congress Govt. against all Hindu Organizations. All Hindus must Unite and prevent congress achieve its motto.

S Kamat , Madgao, Goa

Good that something is started on the last day of 180th day of arrest. May be due to legal compulsion. Hope court results will be daclared soon in order to expose so called Hindu Extremists' Wing.

Shekhar , Panaji Goa