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Fearing dissolution, G7 surrenders


Fearing dissolution of the Assembly, the roaring G7 literally surrendered. The offensive Congress conquered the seven trouble maker alliance partners. Chief minister Digambar Kamat won yet another battle against his own cabinet colleagues.

"We will not return to Goa unless our demands are met"  was the 'bhishm pratidnya' the seven members had made while leaving for Mumbai on Sunday.

By Tuesday, except health minister Vishwajeet Rane, everybody flew back to Goa early morning, to attend the emergency cabinet meeting convened by the chief minister.

"We are hopeful that our central leaders will meet in next one or two days and we will get at least something," said revenue minister Jose Philip D'Souza, leader of the Nationalist Congress Party.

As chief minister Kamat as well as Goa PCC chief Subhash Shirodkar had refused to go to Mumbai for a joint meeting on Monday, the G7 threatened to fax a letter of resignations and withdrawal of support.

Kamat however bounced back by convening emergency cabinet meeting today, while sending clear signals that he would go for dissolution.

Though G7 was hoping that opposition leader Manohar Parrikar would align with them to form alternate government, the BJP leader was repeatedly talking about seeking a fresh mandate.

Even if Parrikar wished to become the chief minister once again by toppling the Congress-led government, it was difficult since the G7 was withdrawing not in support of any public issue but otherwise.

It was clear that the G7 wanted two issues to be cleared - 1. Releasing blocked leases of mining and allowing illegal mining and 2. Permitting some land conversions which are shown as green zone in the draft regional plan.

Aligning with such forces to get these demands met was obviously suicidal for the BJP. If they withdraw support in such a case, the G7 had to face dissolution and losing even the existing power they have.

Five out of seven G7 members are the ministers in the Kamat government.

As Kamat did not surrender in front of these blackmailers, as a last resort, the G7 members tried to have a meeting with NCP central leader and civil aviation minister Praful Patel. However, Patel simply did not turn up to Mumbai last night.

Having no other option, the G7 returned to Goa early today morning, to attend the cabinet meeting. They even unanimously cleared the sports policy.

As usual, everybody denied the story of Assembly dissolution, except PWD minister Churchill Alemao. Perhaps for the first time, the chief minister did not address the cabinet briefing. He left it to sports minister Babu Azgaonkar, along with home minister Ravi Naik.

Except revenue minister D'Souza, none of the G7 members are even ready to talk to the media.

Looks like Kamat is now all powerful to go ahead with his old pending decisions - to drop two ministers from the cabinet belonging to G7, to accommodate his Congress colleagues. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Income Tax and Law Department of India

must reconcile every politicians and ministers thier bank balances. To review and find out the assets they have come from.

If you notice in Goa minister sons and daughters are using top most luxery cars. All must reconcile from where the money overflow. In fact this money belong to the public and those dirty politicians use for their own purpose. First of all the Government of Goa too busy to get rid of Mickky. Mr. Mickky open the secret you now so the public know whats going on in Goa Congress Goverment. mn

Brijesh Kanaujia , Goa


As far as infrastructure is concerned, the only major infrastructure during parrikar was the beautification of panjim for iffi and the cable bridge which is hardly used by common man. ..

Now every infrastructure project is being opposed by Ngo's ( some for valid reasons though). And infrastructure is more spread this time with development happening on an overall basis rather than just panjim.. Regarding schemes .. There are so many new schemes introduced and comman man is getting the benefits of the same..only difference is during parikar regime he advertised all the schemes by sending pamphlets and CDs to people .. I have not seen that happening this time so I guess you might not be knowing regarding all the schemes that benefit the common man... Also all the bold decisions to stop SEZs and to have the regional plan involving the people for the first time were taken by Kamat .. Don't you think those are bold decisions .. Due to which the G7 want leadership change?

Peter dsousa , Margao

We can compare the two regimes in terms of benefits the common man got. While Parrikar got moved fast on implementing schemes, building infrastructure, the current regime is dormant inspite of having several aspiring CMs.

Melvyn Ferrao , Agacaim

parrikar only dropped babush and faced the consequences in a few days..As far as performance goes parrikar had all sheeps and goats in his cabinet except a few, who would say yes to what ever he decides (dictatorship) ..while here it's the opposite..even though kamat is the CM..every minister behaves as if he is the CM and every one has their own opinion (some good some useless) you cannot compare the 2 regimes...

peter dsousa , margao

Nilesh, you need to see the difference. The Parrikar govt performed inspite of having crooks in the cabinet. The Kamat govt does not. Also, Parrikar had the guts to drop these guys from the cabinet. Kamat does not.

Melvyn Ferrao , Agacaim

Mr. Melvyn are you new to Goa? Then check the history of last BJP Govt. All these G7 leaders were there in the Manohar Parrikar Govt. also.

Nilesh Shetgaonkar , Morjim

I wish these greedy had not come back to Goa since their demands were not met. Goans should not believe in such Bhishmas.

Kalidas Sawkar , Goa-India

Full marks to Manohar Parrikar for not accepting support from the Greedy 7.

His credibility has now been restored. We should now look towards getting him back as the CM with complete majority.

Melvyn Ferrao , Agacaim

Dear joe Ganja, yes you are right, we have to congratulate both CM Digambar Kamat and opposition leader Mr. Manohar Parrikar for not allowing G7 to succeed in their demands.

Secondly i think we should not call this people G7 instead we should rename them either C7 of M7 or something else because G7 is a group of the finance ministers of industrialized nations (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States and Canada) and the 7 finance ministers of these countries meet to discuss economic policies of their country and our G7 meet to discuss for their personal policies.

Sanjay p Sawant Dessai , Curchorem goa

Instead of going to the central ministers all the time for domestic and homely problems kamat government should be bold enough to settle the domestic problem in home state and try to have a consensus solution for G7 and his government too. hope this drama gets a permanent solution once and forever


Firstly i would like to say CHEERS to Mr. Manohar Parikar, for talking about dissolution of the assembly or else these G7 idiots would have not yet SHUT their mouths till now for Lack of their Education and Behaviour. Seccondly I would like to Congratulate and say Double Cheers to CM Mr. Digambar Kamat for having confidence in himself and what he is doing till the End. That's a Great Spirit and always try and keep it up for the sake of us GOANS. One day Mr. Sharad Pawar will himself Disqualify all this G7 Idiots because they always break his head with Cheap Mentality Politics.

Joe Ganja , Overseas

Congrats Mr Kamat, Please don't be a DOLL and dance to the tune of your collegues. Be like a King and save our goa from the land sharks

Acacio Fernandes , Dubai

Even a school kid knows that leaving the chair is not easy for leaders who are habituated of using the chair for self service instead of public service! All this fight is for gaining more leverage and more opportunities to loot the public funds while in power! This is the story of our politics in all the States in the last few years! May be the time is coming for revamping the whole system which has only generated black money, assets in swiss banks, rampant corruption in all walks of life, erosion of moral and ethical values and growing unrest and violence against the system in the form of maoists and naxals, may be due to oppression on certain sections for benefit of a few!

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

dear Sandesh, your are right your feeling that "kamat is now powerful to go ahead with his pending decisions" is absolutely correct. I think in near future some good things will come for people of Goa

Sanjay p Sawant Dessai , Curchorem goa

Yes Nilesh, the administration of Goa went out of hand much long before than now. When you have such foolish and illiterate people running the administration, guys who only nibbled the ball pen in the schools what can be thought of the administration at their hands? It is only that the Goans were fooled to believe that everything was alright. What happened now is a funny act on part of the G7. It looks like they are acting in a comedy play or Tiatr. See how shamelessly the 6 fellows who came back from Bombay and joined the cabinet meeting! They tried to take people for a ride. They know that their gimmicks can gain them glory and sympathy from the people. We have to show unitedly that we the Goans are not going to be taken for a ride that easily. I congratulate the Hon. CM Mr Digamber Kamat for taking a tough stance and not bending even an inch. Do so in future Mr. Kamat come what may. Everybody becomes a minister just to get his own demands satisfied. Do you ministers think this is a “Festachi Fair”. It looks like you guys are crying for toys and choci (chocolate). You guys (who try such silly gimmicks) need a feeding bottle in you mouth for acting like cartons. – Menino (Valpoi)

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

Administration in Goa is gone out of hand So better dissolve the assembly and take a fresh mandate....let these greedy people sit at home..

Nilesh Shetgaonkar , Morjim



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