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Cracks widen, Cong-G7 challenge each other


Mickky v/s Churchill

Political infighting within the ruling coalition has suddenly taken a dramatic turn with Group 7 serving two-day deadline, ending tomorrow, for PWD minister Churchill Alemao to apologise.

Churchill has refused to apologise. On the contrary, he has especially challenged the Nationalist Congress Party to face mid-term polls and win at least one seat.

Interestingly, NCP's Goa in-charge Prakash Binsale said the high command has given all the powers to G7 to decide what they want to do, once the deadline gets over.

The G7 has reportedly threatened chief minister Digambar Kamat to pull out of the ruling coalition, if Alemao does not apologise for his statement.

The threat however does not mean that they would withdraw the support to the coalition government. But the hanging sword is definitely a threat to the chief minister, with the budget session beginning from 22 March.

Churchill had stated two days ago that Congress should go alone in the forthcoming elections, without the support of any coalition partners.

Kamat has convened a special cabinet meeting tomorrow morning to sort out the issue. The deadline however ends at 9 am, prior to the meeting.

It is to be seen what strategy G7 adopts and whether Kamat once again succeeds in pacifying the dissent within the ruling coalition.

The ruling coalition is 25-member strong, with the Congress having 18 members.

The G7 consists of 4 NCP, 2 MGP, 1 UGDP and 1 independent.

Five of them are ministers - revenue minister Jose Philip and tourism minister Mickky Pacheco (NCP), transport minister Sudin Dhawalikar (MGP), education minister Babush Monseratte (UGDP) and health minister Vishwajeet Rane (Ind).

With the opposition BJP consisting of 14 members besides another independent Anil Salgaoncar, G7 pulling out of the government can cost Congress dearly.

It would be difficult for the NCP to support the BJP to form an alternate government while sharing power with the Congress at the centre as well as in Maharashtra.

However, the G7 unitedly can definitely create a political crisis by being on a fringe, thereby inviting dissolution and mid-term polls.

The whole internal battle had once again come to the fore with Kamat planning to drop Dhawalikar from the cabinet to accommodate his party colleague Pandurang Madkaikar.

NCP supremo Sharad Pawar had taken a tough stand, because of which Kamat had to defer his plan. The Congress rank and file is quite upset due to this.

This was followed by Zilla panchayat elections where the NCP and Congress ministers clashed, especially Vasco MLA Jose Philip D'Souza in Vasco and tourism minister Mickky Pacheco and power minister Alexio Sequeira in Nuvem.

While Mauvin defeated D'Souza's candidates, Mickky defeated Sequeira's candidates. Benaulim MLA Mickky is planning to contest from Nuvem, Sequeira's constituency, with delimitation of last-election constituencies changing the whole scenario.

The last cabinet meeting thus became stormy with Mickky and urban development minister Joaquim Alemao having a verbal clash. Both of them challenged each other to dissolve the Assembly and face mid-term elections. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Democracy in India is misused more and more, day by day and so on...... This is why some people still like the Portuguese Rule. This is not only the problem of some dirty politicians but at times like this i just wonder, " Why GOANS back up such DIRTY, STUPID POLITICIANS when such type of Situations come up. This Logically shows that the mentality of those politicians and their supporters match every corner." Just try to LOOK at the PAST- Our ELDERS of whom only rare were EDUCATED also took part in politics like today, BUT their GOVERNMENTS sustained very well for atleast ONE FULL TERM. But now LOOK at the PRESENT Politics,It looks like Nobody is CONCERNED about GOA and GOANS Anymore. It is so much difficult for any Government to complete ONE FULL TERM - Is this because this Generation is WELL EDUCATED or EXCESS EDUCATED???

" My dear GOANS, Please take some time and think about what's Happening and ultimately what this wil LEAD to at the END??? Is this Generation going to finish today or will there be a next generation( OUR CHILDREN ) Do we EXPECT GOOD or BAD FUTURE for them??? Think about of the COST of EVERY NEW ELECTION which will be a HIDDEN EXPENSE Recovered from people again through Different Type of TAXES. At least TRY NOT to RE-ELECT that SAME PERSON after he completes his 5 Years in Politics....

United States of America is also a big Democratic Country with only 2 PARTIES, So we also NEED a system like this or else one day there will be national,regional and local parties MORE than the Towns and Villages of INDIA?

Goa was only having 2 or 3 Parties before........ but now all COMMUNAL POLICY PARTIES have Evolved and are taking Shape for a FUTURE DISGRACE of GOEM, Please BAN or DRIVE them OUT of GOA now or else it will be TOO LATE.

Joe Ganja , Overseas

Joe Ganja has vented out the feelings of a common man! Ultimately it is the section of the voters who under the lure for money, liquor, chicken, vote for the candidates who have no moral values, no ethics, no love for their own motherland and who are busy looting the public exchequer, the day they assume the Chair!

vishwas Prabhudesai , loliem

Time for all Goans to realize that Manohar Parrikar should be re-elected as the CM. We have seen progress in his tenure and he manages to keep a stable govt with an iron-fisted rule.

Melvyn Ferrao , Agacaim

Just wait for little more time and the G7 will start fighting within themselves, because they are a BUNCH of Selfish and Greedy Personnels. They may join any party or any group at any time they are NEVER satisfied and will NEVER be SO till their END.

Joe Ganja , Overseas

Dear Amit, Do not waste your time to teach these guys, they do not care for anybody and in the end they will loose everything, But will definately RUIN Our Golden GOA for their selfish Motives. We need a Revolution in Goa for BETTER. Goans Must Rise UP NOW.

Jose Cunha , GOA(UK)

Believe me Amit, send Mickky to any school he will never learn the etiquettes but very definitely he will learn the basics in womanizing and basics of polygamy (marrying more and more women). This is his standard.

Mr. Alemao will learn the basics of hide and seek, the basics of when cash runs out how to get that by threatening the Government.

Apart from such basics other basics of life and the basic etiquettes will not enter their heads nor they will be able to “by heart” other basics. It is pointless to give them any advice and no matter how you insult them, they are shameless. The word “LOZ” does not exist in their dictionary. They know well to fool the Goans and take the Goans for a ride.

In fact I would say that it is the fault of all the stupid people who go and vote these guys to power. Just for a few hundred rupees our senseless and greedy people sell themselves to these types of guys. They fail to see their deceptions, they fail to see their crookery and in one word people close their eyes to their DEVILRY. I am sure even the Devil is outdone by all these crooks and must be hiding in the remotest part of Hell to avoid these devils – God, have mercy on the Goans and on Goa – Menino (Valpoi)

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

Only one Alibaba is enough, and the common man does not need forty thieves! It is disgusting to see the politicians fighting all the time on one or other pretext with the sole motive of gaining more leverage! In fact the common man is fed up with this display of leg pulling for grabbing more power for selfish motives, all the time! It is pathetic to see the servants assuming the role of the Masters and the real masters suffering due to price rise, crimes, drug addiction,corruption, nepotism etc....etc....

Vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

I wonder ever if we can come up with a PIL which becomes a Constiutional Rule that if any Political Party or Person who seeks re-election or mid-term polls .. specially when there is no other reason other then personal Ego Clash ... then the respective Party or Person should bear the cost of the Election.

These idiots have no other work to do .. Mickky should be sent to school to get some basic etiquettes and proper schooling .. so that he can think ... Mr Alemao I suppose is too old hence should give up politics anyways his next generation is already in the field.

Amit , Goa