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Oh God! My God!


This God, which Krishna presented to Arjuna, had no form or shape, size or smell. It had no beginning, no end. It was Anaadi and Anant. It was simply indescribable. READ

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Purushottam; but not Uttam Purush


Purushottam means the best among men. But according to his widow Kamala, Purushottam Kakodkar was anything but the best. For Goenkars of all hues and views, Kamala’s dismissal of her late husband in such derogatory terms comes as a shocker.READ

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Bigger than IT was Parrikar's ego


One man's ego cost Goa entire IT programme. If implemented, it would have put Goa on the world IT map. READ

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Land Titles - A messy affair in Goa


One column is for "occupants". Another is dedicated to "tenants" and the third is for "other rights". There is no column for "OWNERS". Poor fellows.READ

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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thats why.................shes my hero!

sue |

As per what I have read Phoolan was abducted by dacoits when16 yrs old in 1979 after which the gang leader tried to rape her but couldn't as he was killed by Vikram who became Phoolan's second husband. This man educated her of dacoity rules and taught her rifle handling and together with their gang they went looting high caste villages. However, due to caste differences among the gang which can't be divided into two i.e thakurs and mallahs, the couple had to escape when a plot was set to kill them as Phoolan and Vikram were mallahs. Phollan was raped by MANY men after they were captured and Vikram executed by the dacoits, after which she managed to flee with the help of two other mallahs and returned to Behmai after 17 months to take her revenge and shot down 22 thakur men who were all she and her men found at their hour of arrival, most of the included were not who had raped her. She was never caught by the police, she surrendered after more than two yrs of the Behmai incident. Upon becoming an MP she is known to have stopped a train at unscheduled stops to meet her acquaintances; and abusing and later suspending the policemen on duty when they rejected her request to meet the jail inmates she had befriended while serving her time. As an MP she had also, made inspiring speeches and sounded a revolutionary, a free thinker, a feminist, a sufferer and also a victim of corruption, caste discrimination, broken trust and a WOMAN utterly appalled by the crippled state of the Indian Govt. which has prevailed since 15th August 1947 and will prevail.

The shooter who silenced her was praised by the kshatriya community of UP and made known that "he has dried the tears of the 22 widowed women in Behmai". Their state of mind is understandable as Phoolan had shot 22 thakur husbands in Behmai but who is to comprehend her plight? She is supported by the mallahs and the dalits and known internationally but to India as an ignorant country, as a whole she is nothing more than a wasted bandit, dacoit and a murderer.

rinki |

Well well ...khalap ji...I really like the way u write.Wishes all the best

Zafar Iqbal |

I agree with you, Mr. Vishwas Prabhudesai. Naxalism and Maoism have sprung or will continue to spring because of oppression for generations and these decimated citizens of India see no hope in foreseeable future. Besides greedy and visionless politicians and corrupt Govt. machinary, it is also ageold social structure present even today in India, that makes a Phoolan Devi and Maoists and Naxalites.

Look at almost every unrest in India, North East to Bengal and especially in the red corridore, and you will find many centuries of social discrimination based on birth and illiteracy.

"Well, is that my constituency?" is the only question a political king asks in democratic India."

Kalidas Sawkar |

Nicely written blog makes you think as to why are the Naxalites and Maoists are born inspite of having a Democratic set up. I think when the common man and the adivasi people feel oppressed and find themselves helpless, they revolt against the system and care no more about their own life and the life of their families!

Sometimes I feel that when a situation like the one which we see today in the mining belt in Goa, where the common man feels helpless and has to suffer heavily because of the greed of a few well-connected VIPs, a frustration and an anger is generated in his mind. This is compounded by the corruption which he has to face at every level and by the indifference shown by every authority concerned, that the seeds of revolt against the establishment starts taking root in his mind! And does this not ultimately results in violence and loss to public property? Does this not result into massacre of innocent people?

Who is to blame for all this? Is it the greedy politicians or the greedy Officials in the Govt. machinery?

Or is it the intellectuals who are indifferent to what is happening around them and are busy taking care of their own selfish motives?

Or is it the common man who is not using his power of voting judiciously to install a Govt. that would take rational decisions in the interest of the State and who could give a corruption free Govt with vision and a blue print of development without exploitation of the common man?

Vishwas Prabhudesai |

A beautiful write up written with understanding and insight for social injustice.

This is also a true Ramakant Khalap whom I knew in school and never lost sight of his elusive goodness, even when he becomes 'political'.

Ramakant bab, politics is not your cup of tea. I prey once again, shun politics, start social work. (I did tell you that a few years back!)

Kalidas Sawkar |

Phoolan Saga ....yes, her life was full of ups n downs ....but she stood up strongly against the so called higher caste...........she was a lady Vallya Koli......true "Pratibheche Dene"

Hats off to PHULANDEVI

great blog Mr. RDK

Nilesh M. Shetgaonkar |

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