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Hindutva's Hatred of Christianity: A Psychoanalytic Viewpoint


It is possible that conversions to Christianity may be happening but its scale is nowhere near to what is apprehended. The census data (Christians are 2.18 % of the population and that is declining) belies the alleged triumphalist intent of conversions.

The spate of attacks on Christians remains unabated. Ever since the BJP-dominated NDA came to power the assaults have become more violent and more vicious. In the latest episode, three masked men pelted stones at a Church in New Panvel, Navi Mumbai, shattering the glass on the grotto housing a statue of Saint George. Attackers came on a bike, CCTV footage showed, and fled after hurling the stones. I am told the culprits have been nabbed. Let us hope that the investigations do not stop at the “small fry”, and lead to the nabbing of the masterminds behind these attacks. India is being turned into a Hindutva laboratory, with the saffron moral brigade attacking partying teenagers, forcibly breaking up suspected friendships between Muslim and non-Muslim college students, forcing conversion of hundreds of Christians to Hinduism, burning churches in Delhi, damaging convents, attacking priests and nuns, forcing Catholic schools to put up statues of Hindu idols and compelling the pacific Christian Community to do many unbecoming acts. On March 14, a 71-year-old nun was brutally gang-raped in West Bengal.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a strong pitch about his government's commitment to maintaining peace and religious harmony and said that his government will strongly act against acts of religious violence. “The tradition of welcoming all faiths in India is as old as India itself...We believe that there is truth in every religion. This is critical for peace and harmony in the nation”, Modi asserted. He also said that the world is witnessing increased religious and sectarian violence. "Fanaticism and blood-shed threatens to send the world back to religious bigotry," he said. "The world is increasingly witnessing division and hostility on religious lines. This has become a matter of global concern." Observing that the world is at crossroads, he said if not tackled properly it "can throw us back to the dark days of bigotry, fanaticism and bloodshed".

Yes, Mr. Modi, those are high sounding words but unfortunately there is no action on the ground! It is a matter of shame that so far none of the culprits has been brought to book. Further emboldened - as perpetrators go scot-free - the Hindutva brigade marches on unhindered, unchecked.

Recently a journalist posted on WhatsApp a forward to me, apparently emanating from the RSS, which is as nauseating as it is frightening. It reads like this:









As I was about to condemn the outrageous post as yet another abuse from the lunatic fringe, the nice article written by Valson Thampu, Pricipal of St. Stephen’s College came into my hands. Writing for the Times of India the learned professor dwells at length on the Psychological Mirror that drives Hindutva’s hatred of Christians. Valson has something profound and interesting to say, “What we are witnessing is not a Christian or even a “minority” issue. The sequence of criminal events outlines a national issue that slights the image and culture of our country. No anemic explanations that skirt the issue – that these are episodes of burglary – will help. And that is so even if the alarmist rhetoric that Christian missionaries, armed with unlimited funds are lurking somewhere to “wipe out Hinduism from the land of its birth” has had its effect over time.

“Socialists may posit the principle of contagion, according to which a contrived apprehension articulated by some and endorsed by a few more, becomes contagious. Then uneasiness soon begins to spread frenzy leading to chaos and mayhem”.

It is possible that conversions to Christianity may be happening but its scale is nowhere near to what is apprehended. The census data (Christians are 2.18 % of the population and that is declining) belies the alleged triumphalist intent of conversions.

According to Prof Thampu the manufactured hatred towards a community that is innately peaceful is a classic illustration of Gerardian psychology of “imitation” of the missionary aspect of Semitic faiths. The erudite professor goes on, “Imitation starts on a note of admiration. This leads to a stage where the imitator (disciple) wants to be like the imitated (mentor). Soon the spirit of imitation gets infected by the acquisitive spirit. So imitation degenerates into competition. The matrix of rivalry distorts the object imitated, the mentor. The disciple comes under the psychological need to caricature and criminalise the mentor”.

“At this stage the disciple introduces an extraneous element into the equation to ensure his outright victory in the competition. It could be state power, numerical or financial advantage or the ability to intimidate and disable the mentor. So, violence is resorted to”.

As I read the above, my own feeling is very much in agreement with Prof. Thampu’s. Religious fundamentalists and fanatics from every hue and colour are first and foremost psychopaths in need of psychotherapy. But incorrigible as they are will they have experience a change of heart?

To be sure, religion is not a domain for head-hunting. Those who advocate violence and mayhem to achieve a Hindurashtra clearly belong to the theatre of the absurd.

In the process, regrettably, Hindutva is killing Hinduism which teaches plurality, tolerance and assimilation. Instead of leading by violence, why don't these fanatics lead by example? Why don’t they make an attempt to be true to Hinduism and show the world that it is a religion that attracts those in need of faith. Here’s a challenge: - instead of disparaging dead saints and denigrating charitable work for the poor, please endeavour to look after the poor sections of the people by providing basic education, decent living conditions and selfless service? Let’s have a world where peace and communal harmony prevail.


Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Ravindra |

The only thing that can be said is that fanaticism of church and Islam is spreading to Hinduism

That it is a Pacific religion is an understatement . The religion has been established on blood and gore of the natives... Be it in Europe , America or in India .

Hope the so called civilised world will put a stop to such religion based hate speeches/ write ups

Ravindra |

BJP is in power only for Ghar Wapsi and Love Jihad. They have no development plan. BJP want to divide Christians and Muslims against Hindus. I want to ask my Hindu brothers, How India will progress without Muslims and Christians? How BJP can keep good relations with Christian and Muslim Countries? India will go in the Black and White era without the support of Muslim and Christian Countries. It needs support of Arab, Gulf, Western and European Countries.

Mathew Dias |

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