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A Dream


Scene 1

(Fairy boy comes on the stage. Good fairies enter)

Elsa: What are you doing Alan?

Alan: Can you see the kids down there?

Anna: Yes! Those children with torn clothes?

Alan: Yes, when I came here I saw they were crying.

Elsa: But now they are laughing and playing happily.

Alan: Yes! That is because I helped them. You see, today in school they taught us to make toys and clothes and many other things with our imagination. And I used this to help them! Look! They are playing with balls and cars!

Anna: (looking at Elsa impressed)

Elsa: Wow! That is very nice of you! I’m sure you will be a great fairy king, always helping the poor…

Alan: Yes, but before becoming a king I want to fulfill my dream.

Anna: And what is that?                         

Alan: To see all the dreams of the world!

Elsa: Amazing! And where will you go to see them?

Alan: To the mountain of dreams of course.

(End of scene 1)

Scene 2.

(Evil fairies reading a book)

Alice: Where is the information?

Ursurla: I’m sure it’s on page 394.

Alice: (Opens pages frantically) HERE!

Ursurla: (Holding the book up) to become immortal you will need: A crystal wand.

Alice: We got that!

Ursurla: The drops from the fountain of misery.

Alice: Got it!

Ursurla: And a male fairies’ skull.

Alice: There is only one male fairy in the whole of fairyland.

Ursurla: Yes! Alan! We need to capture him. Get the fortune globe; let’s see where he is now.

Alice: (places the globe carefully) Look, he is packing his bag, looks like he is going on a journey.

Ursurla: He must be going to the mountain of dreams. The other day he was telling the centaur he would be going there.

Alice: Then this is our chance. We have to capture him when he is away from home.

(Both laugh)

(End of scene 2)


Scene 3

(Alan is walking)

Alan: Wow! A chocolate waterfall! I should drink some. (Cups his hands and drinks chocolate) I should also carry some for the journey but…umm…I don’t have anything to carry it in… (Looks around and plucks something) Huh! Good thing someone grew a cup flower tree here! (Collects chocolate and carries on)

(End of scene 3)

Scene 4

Ursurla: I am so thirsty.

Alice: Me too…look! A well!

Ursurla: Water…finally!! (Runs towards well and draws water with magic)

(Both drink)

Ursurla: (Looking into the well and speaking) I love how wells echo what do you say?

Alice: Okay…

Ursurla:Lets have some with echos. Come on. Dear, Good fairies. Elsa and Anna! We are now going to take over fairyland. We just need to get that Alan kid’s skull. But that’s no big deal.

Hear the echo?

Alice: (laughing) you are already drunk with power.

Ursurla: Well. If we want to gain power we have to follow Alan’s route. I sense he went that way. (They walk)

(End of scene 4)

Scene 5

Elsa: The good fairies are going to get Alan’s skull and takeover fairyland!

Anna: How do you know this?

Elsa: Because they sent us a message through the well of messages. Why would they do that though?

Anna: I don’t know. But we have to stop them.

(End of scene 5)

Scene 6  

Alan: (Looking around in wonder) finally! I made it to the mountain of dreams. (Walks a little further and picks up two dreams) There are dreams everywhere! Top to down. I wonder whose dreams these are! Oh, they have names on them. Umm…Alice and...Ursurla...Aren’t these the evil fairies? Who want to take over fairyland…I have to see their dreams. (Opens drams)

Anna: (Hands in the air) I want to fly! Free like a bird! Besides the clouds and with the wind in my wings.

Elsa: (Stirring something in a pot) I want to cure everyone of everything! I want to make a medicine that will cure all.


(End of scene 6)

Scene 7

Ursurla: That was an old dream..

Alice: Mine too…

Ursurla: I never got to learn to fly though...because I got so involved in a dark magic...no time for rubbish magic…

Alice: Yeah…There was no readymade recipe for a medicine like that…I decided to join dark magic like my family…

Ursurla: I...umm…sometimes still dream about...flying you know.

Alice: I too sometimes wish…no…but yeah I actually wish of curing all diseases.

Ursurla: If we take over fairy land, how many dreams like ours will we be destroying?

Alice: Too many!

Ursurla: You know what...let’s change our plan...lets cancel this plan of immortality...what will we do living forever? Let’s go make that medicine!

Alice: You’re right! And let’s also go and learn the art of flying.


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