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Who is scared of Shripad?


The issue here is not regarding Porvorim at all. The bone of contention is the later part.

Why so much confusion in the BJP over Shripad Naik’s Porvorim ticket? Of course, as usual, the local leaders claim there is no confusion. But Shripad-bhau doesn’t indicate so. Going against the tradition of the BJP not to demand tickets publicly, the seniormost BJP leader has said in public: “I want Porvorim ticket”. Obviously because it has been denied to him.

The justification that North Goa MP Shripad Naik is a big leader in Delhi and Goa can’t take decision regarding him sounds very poor. Another argument is that Shripad’s name was recommended six months ago (Porvorim not mentioned) and Goa is still awaiting green signal from the centre. Why is the Goan leadership keeping quiet for six long months? And since when BJP started pointing out at the high command? Or is the high command a convenient defense to hide internal disputes at local level, just like the Congress?

Does anybody remember 2002 Assembly election? Ravi Naik was with the BJP at that time. He took the Ponda ticket from the BJP, coolly joined back the Congress and filled Ponda candidature on Congress ticket. Fuming local BJP leaders went to Shripad (MP even then), convinced him and filled his form from Ponda. Of course, he lost. But it proved that the local leaders can get Shripad from Delhi to Goa, if there is will. And why same Shripad-bhau has been compelled to publicly express his desire to contest from Porvorim?

Because the issue here is not regarding Porvorim at all. The chances of winning Porvorim with Shripad-bhau are too bright. The bone of contention is the later part. Who will be the leader? Manohar Parrikar or Shripad Naik, when it comes to formation of the government?

If a situation arises to form a coalition government, the allies have to agree with Parrikar as the leader, if Shripad-bhau continues in Delhi. But if he wins here, hardly anybody would prefer Parrikar as their leader. Most of the politicians feel he is arrogant, acts oversmart and even takes drastic steps like dissolving Assembly without taking anybody into confidence.

It is thus the same power game which we see in the Congress. Betraying each other within the party. When it comes to chair, there is hardly any difference between the Congress and the BJP….

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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