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The Mandal Commission has opened the eyes of the suppressed Bahujan Samaj and it is just a matter of time before the Bahujan Samaj sees through the game of the Brahmins and become masters of English.

“At the outset Sir, I was very much involved in the last two years on the demand of the public at large in Goa that medium of instruction at the Primary School should be the choice of the parents and I would like to draw the attention of the House to what happened in the year 1990. Sir at that time the Government was being conducted by the Progressive Democratic Front and the present Congressman was sitting in the opposition. At that time Sir, when the people of Goa rose in revolt and demanded that English should also be the medium of instruction, the Hon.Members, now sitting in the treasury benches were fully part of the demand. They organized a Jail Bharo Andolan in Margao which was headed by such man as Hon.Minister for Law, Mr.Luizinho Faleiro, Hon.Minister for Agriculture Mr.Sardinha, Hon.Minister for Health Dr.Wilfred de Souza, Hon.Member Domnic Fernandes, these are the Hon.Members who addressed the meeting of the so called “jailbharo” at Rajendra Prasad Stadium and, Sir, what has happened, is now the position in the House has been reversed. Today, we find the Congressmen sitting in the treasury benches and, unfortunately, Sir, we are today having a policy where English is denied grants as a medium of instruction.”

“The factual position as we can see in the House, today, the language of administration is English, our entire proceedings are conducted in English and we can see everyday, Sir, here in this House that those Ministers who have not studied in English, those Ministers who have had their studies in the vernacular, except, the Hon.Minister for Education, are unable to even read a page in English. We are witnesses to this. We can see that every Minister is faltering. We who have studied in English, can read or most of us can read a page in one minute. Hon.Ministers take ten minutes and the net result, Sir, is, these Ministers who do not understand English are forced to conduct business in a language which is English and that is where the officers play a role. These officers make all the policies and the Ministers do not understand. They blindly sign. That is why if the language of the House is English, I do not understand why English should be discriminated when it comes to grants. It is not that English has been stopped altogether. For the rich and the influential, English is available. If you come to Margao, there is a school called Manovikas. If you come to Panaji, there is Sharda Mandir and host of other schools. Everyone who can afford, they send their children to these schools.”

 The above is an extract of my speech on demand No.20(education) on the floor of the Legislative Assembly 22.7.1992. No further elaboration is necessary.

Over the last twenty years there has been one substantial change. The Diocesan Society of Education which had earlier vehemently opposed my point of view has now come around and has fully endorsed it. The possible reason for that is the change in the Secretary of the Diocesan Society of Education who at that time was Fr.Avinash Rebello who has similar background as Fr.Jaime Couto and Fr.Mousinho de Ataide, two priests currently not in synch with the Diocesan Society of Education. The support extended to de-link medium of instruction from grants is perhaps in no little measure due to the fact that the current Secretary for Education Fr.Zeferino D’Souza hails from Cansaulim and his background enables him to understand the needs of Goans better than the previous incumbents.

Historically, Sanskrit has been the language of the Gods in India. The Holy Books of the Hindus are in that language. And yet only the Brahmins had the sanction to learn the language and study the Vedas. No non Brahmin could do so. Consequently, over the millenniums the Brahmins created a monopoly on the study of Sanskrit. The Hindu could approach God only through the Brahmin who was required to conduct essential ceremonies. Sanskrit is now no longer of much relevance.

Today, English has replaced Sanskrit as a language of advancement. Unfortunately the Brahmins are now seeking to extend the same monopoly to the study of English and thus keep the Bahujan Samaj in the dark as was done with the study of Sanskrit. Fortunately we are now a democracy with access to various facilities and no matter how hard the Brahmins try the conspiracy will not succeed. The Mandal Commission has opened the eyes of the suppressed Bahujan Samaj and it is just a matter of time before the Bahujan Samaj sees through the game of the Brahmins and become masters of English.

Those of us who know Goa well are aware of Mustifund High School, in Panaji and Bhatikar Model English High School in Margao. Both schools attract students from the cream of Society and have a high standard of education. The management of both the schools is almost exclusively Brahmins. Both schools have within the last few years started English medium primary sections in addition to the primary schools in the vernacular. The Brahmins are demonstrably the most intelligent and most successful community in Goa (and perhaps the most cunning too!). They are not fools to start English medium primary schools if it is not in interest of their community. Incidentally, Bhatikar Model English High School is named after the father of Arvind Bhatikar (opponent of grants to all) and the school was owned by the family until the ownership passed on to a trust a few years ago.


Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

all said and done radharao, if you are so righteous, why do you support churchill alemao?

john mascarenhas |

Ajay you have said all that i wanted to say.

language is only means of communication with self and others,it does not decide intelligence,

which is clear from Japan,china,france,korea,malysia,germany

how many more examples you want? yes english is connecting language globally so fair knowledge is must,

we want to make our childrens good citizens of India ,we might get another swami vivekananda,Bhagat singh,Mahatma Gandhi etc.

We do not want to make our childrens Robots and program them in English then send them to Gulf yo earn,India is not poor country ,it is poorly managed country, we want to prapare scholors with our money to serve our nation and make it proud.

our motherland has given us everything ,lets dont be selfish ,and only look after ourselves ,by hunting country to country for more perquisites for which you think english is beneficial.

Bharat mata ki Jai,,Jai Goa.

Dilip Naik |

i just want to ask one question to Radharao, in which medium your kids are studing? you say konkani should me medium of education for primary but i experience what happen once you reach to college or for a job when you are not fluent in english a person who was less educated than you or less experienced then you get a promotion only because he is fluent in english and can present his view clearly. all these politicians who are now days playing game to change medium from english to konkani are they promising to give good job and luxuries life to our children in goa only if no then who are they or who are other people to take decision whether parents has to put their child in english medium or in konkani medium, if tommorrow our kids are going out of goa for their higher education or for job in which language they are going to communicate, i know now you will say from 5th std to 10th they are going to learch english but i want to tell you mr radharao if base of a children is not proper then it is very difficult for any kid to grasp english as a future langauge. dont show us one or two successful persons examples who are successful in life even though they studied in local language in primary i can show you thousand of examples where person is lacking behind because he is not studied in english medium, so stop playing with our child's future we are parents and we are able to handle and take care of our kids and we know better than you what is good for our child, see karnataka, maharastra or any other states they have marathi, kannada and english medium schools saperately, where parents feel they put their children not like here in goa they are changing english medium schools in to konkani medium and started spoiling our childs future, so as a parents i request you dont play politics in our child future.

priya |

The choice for the medium of instruction should be left to the parents to judge as to what is good for their kids and the duty of the Govt. is to extend all possible help..

If the use of English has to be phased out---start from the top---discontinue its use in Courts, Govt. Offices, higher education, Assembly and Parliament houses , Oath taking and so on....People go for the education based on what would be useful to their kids to make a living...

Any sops to be given should strictly on the basis of the financial status and not cast. Even the Mandal Commission needed to be implemented on the basis of the financial status rather than cast basis---but these divisions in the society are the handiwork of the politicians as a part of their strategy to divide the society in all possible manner and then fish in the troubled water.....

vishwas prabhudesai |

Mr. Radharao Gracias, u r a learned person, But ur writing clearly indicates what ur intentions are? Do you want to divide Hindus based on their caste, as was been done 500 yrs back by portuguese ppl. If you see these as Bramanical conspiracy i say you are wrong, because I see it clearly as church conspiracy to get hold of the Education system as well as hold political leaders under their control. Dont expect the readers to be naive. We know who were the people present at the Azad maidan & what was the religious background of each elected member present at the venue. Dont ask about the number of people present at the venue, because I know few of them whose residential address is chimbel, Who are drop outs & were brought at the venue by the richest politician of goa. if you are not aware than let me make you aware that in all state expect for some NE states, all Medium of Instruction is through Mother Tongue, pls dont call it a Brahmanical conspiracy as some of the states CMs are dalit & obcs.Sanskrit is the language of god as said by you, but remember during the olden days everybody had the right to learn it. those who mastered it were called brahmins, irrespective of their caste affiliations. So pls dont misled the people by your ignorance. Come in light, Do some research, pld dont be dictated by Church, because we know what church has done in NE states. Also note that leading nation in the world of technology are, germans, japanese, chinese, & koreans whose MOI is mother tongue. Also note that majority of europeans speak French...& not English.

Ajay |

Khunchay lugarar mar, Suno davya payanr kunta. This saying fits Radaharao. Do not blame Brahmins for evrything. Pls. keep value & dignity of your degree Adv. which you are using before your name.

Shekhar |

The fact of the matter is that, vested interests are rearing their ugly heads once again and giving it a communal colour, which is not in the interest of any Goan.

Yes, it is true that perhaps, out of compulsion, our Diocesan Educational leaders appear to have made some mistakes, without getting the full comprehension. The thing is the Konkani taught in Devnagri got us to a disadvantage and became counter productive. The Konkani literature written in Roman Script over centuries was simply swept under the carpet or left to shelves to decay. This was the conspiracy that got Christians going to Diocesan schools to disadvantage. Even if Hindi, a national language, was made a medium of instruction at that time up to the Std. IV, would not have done so much damage.

All of a sudden, when an option is sought by the aggrieved parents, to teach in English, everyone seems to come out in support of Konkani. It is unbelievable that Konkani as a medium has so much support from even our Marathi protagonists, who were considered rivals. What do you call that- a conspiracy or love or brotherhood of man? We should live and let live.

Ludovico |

I am surprised to know the learned person like Radharao still believes that this is a conspiracy of Brahmins, for God sake I don’t think that there is any Caste bag round to this issue.

If so then we also can say that the demand for English is done by Christians because all the names you have mentioned above are Christians also the meeting held on Azad maidan in recent past, almost all the people attended were Christians also leaders (mostly Members of Assembly) who attended meeting were Christians, so do we say this now that this is a conspiracy of Christians and again the missionary school run through Vatican city funds. If so then there will be again a battle in Goa , ie, Hindus v/s Christians and for that people like you will be responsible(who are actually irresponsible). So Please don’t try to give religious color to this.

Purushottam |

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